Way back, about 15 years back we were travelling to Europe and we were served these Karelas, I fell in love with them instantly.I tried to get the recipe, but somehow never went out of way for it.With Magic Mingle ingredients, this recipe flashed back and this time I managed to get the recipe from some Gujju friends.The bitter gourds taste awsum with this combo, it’s a must try for all bitter gourd lovers.

1cup………. bitter gourds
2tbsp……… jaggery
Pinch asafetida
Pinch turmeric
Pinch red chilly pwd
1tbsp…….. sesame seeds
1tbsp…….. broken cashews
½ tbsp…… raisins
1tsp ………..poppy seeds (I have not used)
2tbsp…….. coriander leaves
Salt to taste
Peel the karelas.Slice them.

Apply salt and leave for an hour.

Wash and deep fry.
Keep aside.
Heat oil.
Add asofoetida, cashews, sesame seeds,raisins.Saute’.
Add karelas and spices.
Add the jaggery water.
Let the water dry up .
Add coriander.
Serve with hot rotis.

These karelas have a wonderful sweet taste with a crunch of cashews and sesame seeds.The jaggery impart a delicious taste and mellows down the bitterness of the gourds.The combo of cashews and raisins has always been amazing and lastly the coriander leaves give the dish a little color.

Bitter Gourd / Karela Crisps with Nuts

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