BM ; 61
Week : 3 , Day 1
Theme : One pot meals/ Combo meals
For this week I have chosen to cook one pot meals or combo meals. For Day 1 it is a continental sizzler. We prepared the sizzler while my daughter and her family were here in India. The sizzler is simple and was prepared with the basic steamed rice, gravy, some boiled veggies, fries and a patty.
It is fun to make these sizzlers, and everyone wants to eat in their individual plates. Thankfully I have enough plates to manage a family dinner. This sizzler was all about assembling. The rice is steamed. The veggies can be your choice, simply boiled. The fries ..well they are from the frozen section, but don’t need a recipe for them, right? The Patty was a mixed veggie patty, for which you could use any veggies of your choice. I shall give you the recipe that I followed. Finally the gravy, I used pink sauce which I use for pasta. A combination of white sauce and red sauce.
Let me give you a complete list
Boiled steamed rice
Boiled veggies ( Fresh peas, cauliflower, French beans, carrots)
French fries
Cabbage leaves


1 cup boiled mashed potatoes
1 cup boiled carrots, peas, beans
1/4 cup crumbled bread
Coriander leaves
Salt and pepper to taste
Mix the above ingredients and make patty of the desired size.
Shallow fry.


Heat the plate red hot, it should take about 30 mins .
Carefully place it on the wooden tray.
Quickly arrange the cabbage leaves .
Place rice, pour gravy on top and arrange the boiled veggies, Patty and fries.
Throw in some butter under the cabbage leaves and pour a tsp of vinegar.
The sizzling sound begins and you are ready to serve the sizzler.
Well my son in law wanted a very very crisp sizzler. Let me tell you what we did.
We heated the plate red hot. Let the plate be on the gas. We greased the plate with oil and threw in some crushed garlic. Tossed it for a second and then placed rice on one side, veggies on the other. Tossed the veggies till they were a little crisp, added some herbs. Rest all is the same. The final touch was with a slice of cheese on top and of course the vinegar for sizzle.
Since it was directly on the plate the rice had a crunchy layer at the bottom which tasted amazing. The melted cheese gave a lovely flavor to the veggies and rice. Everyone loved these crunchy sizzlers and we decided no more layering the plate with leaves.

Continental Sizzler

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