When it comes to salads, the first ingredient that comes to my mind is cucumber.They are my favorite.As kids, when we used to get off the school bus, a hawker selling fresh cucumbers and radishes would be waiting for us.These were peeled and immersed in water.The minute the school bus would stop he would apply a generous layer of chaat masala and drizzle lemon juice on these cucumbers.Our salad was on the road…and we friends would stand and eat and gossip right on the busy Delhi roads.Times have changed and even though my love for street food has not changed yet, I can’t imagine myself eating on those busy streets.

For this month’s Blog Hop I have been paired with Jayanthi.I could have made so much from her blog, my my..she surely has some wonderful recipes.Not to forget the clicks.Absolutely stunning!I had loads of book marked recipes from her blog, but since I was travelling and had very little time, I decided to pick something simpler.Cucumbers!!..yes loved these rolls at her blog, so here I am with a few changes…

Cucumber strips
Wash the cucumber, do not peel.
Using a peeler remove strips.

3tbsp……. cream cheese
2tbsp……. hung curd
½………….. green chilly
¼ tsp……. basil
Coriander leaves
Mint leaves
Salt and pepper to taste
Blend lightly all ingredients in the mixie.
Remove and place in the frig to make it a little firm .
Place the strip of cucumber.
Pat dry with a kitchen towel.
Place ½ a teaspoon of the filling.
Roll the strip.
Serve chilled.

These rolls came out very cooling and were appreciated by all.I wish I had made the filling a little dense for better presentation.
Thanks Jayanthi!!..a wonderful quick recipe!!

Cucumber Cream Cheese Rolls

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