With the rising sun a hot cup of masala chai along with some crisp sada khakra, smeared with ghee and drizzled with jiralu is what you will see in a Gujrati home.

Khakra is nothing but a flat crisp Indian bread made from wheat flour.The existence of khakhra probably came from using the left over chapattis.These left over chapattis were pressed to make khakhras. In olden days the biscuit culture was not there and Gujjus normally had , rather still have left over bhakhri or khakhra with their morning tea.

With time these khakhras have changed.They are made in different shapes, flavors, and even made with different flours.Since khakhra making is rather tedious and time consuming we find ladies who take orders for these and  customize these.Some of them call for the flour and ghee from the customers. A large variety is available in the market.One is amazed to see the possible variety’s of these.Here in our city we have the most famous khakhra shop which sells a huge variety. Check here to be astonished by the variety of khakhras !!The home made khakhra is now being replaced with machine made khakhras.They have come up with  machines which use hydraulic technology for pressing, cutting and partial roasting of these.This surely is hygienic and maintains the quality in terms of taste and size.

After giving the recipe to Srivalli for the Indian Cooking Challenge, I knew I had not done justice to the khakhras made by me. I had used the flour that we use at home, and this flour is milled little coarse, so the khakhras I made turned out little thick. These tasted good but I was not happy.

Next day I asked a friend to help me with these.So we made the rotis from finer flour and then I roasted these.I learnt something new at her place that the khakhra should be roasted on a gridle which has a slight depression.Check I have clicked a picture.Second a kitchen towel should be wrapped in another napkin , nearly the size of khakra..this shall help in pressing the khakhra evenly .This should be loosely wrapped.Yet another trick is to place a roasted khakhra and then place a pot on this . This shall maintain the mild depression that has been caused by the roasting on that special gridle.

Should we get on to the recipe now…

Sada Khakhra
150gms wheat flour
4tbsp oil
Salt to taste
Rice flour for dusting

Jeera Mari na Khakra

½ tsp black pepper
1tsp cumin seeds
Bind a semi soft dough with oil and salt.
Let rest for 15 minutes.
Make small balls from this dough.
Roll into chapattis, but they should be paper thin..
Finish rolling all chapatis.
Swithch on the gas and cook the chapatis, making sure they do not have a single blister.
They should be half done.
Remove from the gridle and apply ghee to each chapati.
Stack them one on top the other.
Once these are done let them cool and come to room temperature.
Heat the gridle and place one chapati on the gridle.
Press the chapatti with a kitchen towel starting from the sides and coming to the centre.
Flip it over and repeat the process.
You will have to switch off and on the gas to maintain the absolute low temperature.
Once the khakra is crisp, remove from the gridle and let cool.
Repeat with the rest of chapatis.
On cooling they shall become dry , crisp and crunchy.
After roasting each khakhra place a pot on it.This shall give it a mild depression.
Store them once they cool down.
special thin rolling pin

a perfectly rolled thin  chapati
the half done,,,,,, roti stack
a thin roti

wooden roti presser
gridle with a mild depression

steps showing how to make a cloth presser for khakhras

half done rotis being made  into khakhras
pressing from sides to center

keeping the pot with a depression on the khakhras

crisp crunchy khakhras

These khakras are served…. in various ways.
 smeared with ghee and jiralu.
 served with methia masala
 served with choonda. (I shall be sharing this recipe very soon.)
 served with chai

a few very popular flavors….
Jeera mari
Methi Masala

fusion khakhras
pav bhaji
pani puri

khakhras with different flours
baajri na khakhra
chola fali lhakhra
dosa khakhra

a delight for kids
chocolate khakhras

These are the so called khakhras from the first batch I made..I flavored them with cumin seeds and black pepper pwd.You can see they are thicker and the circles are not perfect , though the taste was awesome.

Gujrati Khakra for Indian Cooking Challenge

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