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Day :13
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Cucumber has always been one of my favorite ingredients for a salad or to be filled in sandwiches. I love working with this veggie and there are a couple of posts I have done using this. I made some cucumber boat sandwiches while doing one of the mega marathons, then some cucumber rolls, cucumber bites . It is fun using this for Food Craft and garnishings too.
For today I have a cucumber spread. This is a spread that I learnt as a teenager. I remember making it for my friends and enjoying it with wafers as a dip. It used to feature in most of my parties and people would finish bowls of this . So I can vouch that it is one of the best tried and tested spread and a must make.
I used simple white bread for this sandwich , but you surely can use any bread. You can toast the bread and spread a layer. You can even make a sandwich and then grill it to make a Toastie. The choice is yours, but I went with these floral sandwiches.
The sandwiches look pretty with a tomato peel rose, which is very simple to make . You could check a video on this. One must apply butter on the top of the sandwich, and then place the cucumber slices and the tomato rose, this butter shall act as a glue.
Cucumber Spread
1 cup greek yogurt
1 cucumber, finely grated
2 cloves garlic, pounded
2 green chilly, pounded
1 tbsp cheese, grated
Salt to taste


Mix all the ingredients very well and chill before using.
Cucumber Sandwiches
Cucumber spread


Using a cookie cutter cut rounds from the bread slices.
Cut cucumber into slices.
Peel the tomato and make a rose from it.
Apply a layer of butter to the bread slices.
Spread a generous even layer over one slice.
Place the other slice, butter side down and complete the sandwich.
Apply butter over the top of the sandwich.
Place the cucumber slices all around and the tomato rose in the center.
Cucumber Sandwiches

Cucumber Sandwiches

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