BM # 68
Day: 15

Theme : One Category – Bread Sandwiches
Sub Theme – Sandwich Platters
The idea of making the platter came from these Fruit sandwiches . On every visit to Japan I must have these sandwiches. The bread there is super soft and the sides are neatly trimmed. A generous layer of whipped cream is spread , slices of fresh or canned fruit are placed , the sandwich is packed with another slice which too has a generous layer of whipped cream. The cream is very mildly sweet and has a hint of vanilla flavoring.
The fruits that are normally used there are strawberries, kiwi , canned pineapple and canned oranges. I made these using strawberry and canned pineapple. The strawberry season was over but while on my trip to Delhi I got a big box of strawberries from my brother who flew in from Hong Kong. I prayed that the strawberries would last by the time I would get back. I used a special white bread which has a thicker slice and is very soft, though not as soft as the Japanese one. 
Let me give you the ingredients as there is no recipe as such
Fruit Sandwich
Fresh bread, crust less
Whipped cream
Fruits ( fresh strawberry, kiwi, canned pineapple, canned oranges )


Apply a thin layer of butter on two slices.
Spread a layer of whipped cream .
Place the chopped fruits.
In case using canned, place these on a kitchen roll and remove all the syrup.
Top with the other slice which has been spread with whipped cream.
The cream that I have used is already sweet and has vanilla flavoring.
In case the cream that you are using is not sweet, add some icing sugar and vanilla extract to it.
Make sure the cream is chilled and even the fruits are chilled.
Else you could cling wrap the sandwiches and place them in the fridge.
These sandwiches were a part of my Dessert Sandwich Platter where I made
The recipes for Caramel and Chocolate Fondue shall follow soon.

Fruit Sandwich

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  1. Fruit sandwiches are tempting. I saw your posts in feedly yesterday evening but didn't read the recipes yet. Last night when I was craving for some dessert, wished I had some bread at home remembering these sandwiches!!

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