BM # 10   Day 3
 Modern food processing and world wide distribution have made every variety of fruits and vegetables available all year round,but traditionally eating vegetables and fruits seasonaly is healthier as there is variation in the  nutrient content of these.Guava is one fruit which we get in winters here and they say guava is better than orange since it contains more vitamin c than orange and is much cheaper.So here is a amazing chutney from this fruit which you would love to eat with meals and lick it every time you open the frig.
 3……. big guavas
A bunch coriander leaves
2-3 … chilly
salt to taste
2tbsp.. grated jaggery

Chop the guavas and remove the seed part.
Grind all the ingredients ,except jaggery to a fine paste.
Once done add jaggery and once again churn it till all is mixed well .
Check the spices and sweetness.

This goes to Radhika’s Winter Carnival...and do check out my fellow marathoners.

Winter Carnival

Guava Chutney

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