BM # 16   Day 3

From the warm-heartedness of the people to the scenery and wonderful sights, train travel in India is a memorable experience. 
Train travel in India is safe, cheap and (in AC classes) comfortable. Even long distances such as Mumbai to Delhi or Delhi to Chennai can be covered more time-effectively than flying, using overnight sleeper. Rajdhani and Shatabdi express are the two super fast fully air-conditioned trains of the Indian railway. The lunch and dinner menus of these trains are of two types. vegetarian  and non vegetarian. While travelling on these trains we used to carry loads of food,but now the railway people provide pretty good food..soup to dessert.I decided to do a train thali this time ..the standard menu is as follows.

Soup / Rasam 
(tangy blend of tomatoes, onions and gourd)
Bread Sticks 
Butter Chiplet (preferably Amul)  

(steamed white rice)
Dal / Rajmah 
(yellow gram lentil ,mildly spiced with cumin tempering)
Mattar Paneer  / Veg Kofta 
(Indian cottage cheese and green peas simmered in onion tomato gravy)
Parantha / Plain Roti / Rumali Roti 
(flat Indian bread)
Salt and Pepper Sachet 

Ice Cream / Gulaab  Jamun

After the soup course gets over the meal is served 

 Coming to today’s recipe…Mattar Paneer

Serving for one person..
½ cup………… boiled peas
¼ cup………… cottage cheese
½ cup………… tomato puree
1/4tsp………… dhania jeera pwd
¼ tsp…………. red chilly pwd
Pinch turmeric
Pinch garam masala
Salt to taste
Heat ½ tsp oil in a pressure cooker.
Add onions,fry till pink.
Add tomato puree,cook till dry.
Add peas,cottage cheese and spices.Mix well.
Add ½ cup water and pressure cook for 2whistles.
Sprinkle garam masala.

This goes to Vallis thali mela

Indian Railway Thali

25 thoughts on “Indian Railway Thali”

  1. too bad our train food is NEVER this good ..even when I traveled across the country from New York to New Mexico – it was 2 days of horrible food! USA needs to learn from India in this regard.

  2. Your thali pics bring back so many memories of our train journeys in India. Thali looks no different from any decent restaurant thali. LOVE mattar-paneer anytime of the day and anywhere.

  3. where on earth did you get this idea from …..mind blowing and I'm super excited as I love train travel, especially 2 day journey from delhi-chennai. I was born in delhi but brought up in chennai,so grandparents were there and I would go from chennai for vacation. You are kindling all sorts of memories. Super idea and lovely dishes.

  4. this is such a nice spread.. yt again.. i think i need to refer the dictionary to come up with adjectives.. love the concept.. the foil packets.. every single thing!

  5. the presentation is awesome… it does remind me of the fun train travels. but mind you, yours i am sure is way too much tastier than the average train fare. hats off to the idea of serving this thali. quite different from the regional ones. Also, request you to try making some kerala dishes 🙂

  6. wonderful presentation!…yes I think we get one of the best snacks in the tarin…all those tiny samosas and vadas….chai chai…yumm
    Mutter paneer looks delicious!

  7. Excellent theme VAishali.I love to travel by train and really enjoy the experience.But many times the foo served there is not so good. If the railways were to serve such a yummy spread every trip I would love to travel everyday 🙂

  8. superb theme vaishali, I have been wanting to see all your thalis, this one caught me very much, loved the theme, and the effort you have taken to print it., superb idea, enjoyed it very much.., as PJ says if the railways were to give such a lovely spread I would enjoy it very immensely.., beautiful clicks as well

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