BM # 27   Day 8 
Occasion: Kid’s Birthday Party

When we talk of a Birthday Party, somehow I always associate it with Kids. I feel it’s all about Kids affair. I mean obviously we grown ups also have parties, specially to celebrate land mark birthdays. Cooking for a kids party is fun and one surely enjoys it, at least I love it.So it’s a kids party on the 8 th day of BM # 27.

Today’s birthday party is a mock party set up. It is  no body’s birthday but I have just set up my table with the kind of food kids love for their party.
Chocolate is the most relished flavor with kids, so
I made Chocolate cup cakes and dipped them in Chocolate Ganache.
Kids love pizza and they hate toppings, so here are some coin pizzas , which have a mild purée and just cheese… Margarita if you want to call it so ! 
Cheese sandwiches are preffered by kids ..instead of the vegetable ones, and adding little cucumber sails to these adds an element of interest for the kids. 
Pop corn and chips ! Can any party be complete without these two…?…well I just got a packet of MW popcorn and they were done in a jiffy, the chips are of course store bought. 
Dessert is something that the kids always relish, so I have prepared a basic vanilla custard and made grape caterpillars to go with these…These could be served in individual cups or glasses. 
Lastly I prepared some stirring straws..which actually should be served with hot milk…but I think the kids can just pick a straw and lick it or enjoy it as a chocolate. 
This was my mock party and after I clicked pictures I realized I should have called my grand kids, they would have loved it….but …my 15 year old niece and I both celebrated …and enjoyed all the goodies. I saved some cup cakes and straws for the kids. They went crazy with those straws, which took me a while to make, even though they are very simple. 

The party menu 
Chocolate cup cakes 
Chocolate stirring straws 
Grape caterpillars 
Coin pizza 
Cheese sandwiches with cucumber sails 
Butter popcorn 
Potato Chips 

Chocolate cup cakes
These were made from a ready cake mix by Tarla Dalal and for the ganache recipe check here.

Chocolate stirring straws
Cooking chocolate
Edible glitter
Long satay sticks
Melt the chocolate in a double boiler.
Let it start cooling a bit.
Dip the front of the straw in the chocolate.
Insert a long satay stick from the back of the straw.
Holding the stick at the bottom, carefully stick it in a thermal oil piece or a potato piece.
This way the chocolate will not smudge.
Immediately sprinkle the glitter and the sprinklers.
Repeat for the other straws.
While making these , I double coated the straws, the straws being plastic, the chocolate went on slipping….and hence I suggest that the melted chocolate be cooled a bit before dipping.

Grape Caterpillars
Thread satay sticks with washed grapes, for baby caterpillars thread in a tooth could make eyes with some chocolate icing…..I completely forgot!

Coin pizza
I picked up ready base for these, look for the purée recipe .

Cheese Sandwich
Apply butter to bread slices.
Sprinkle a layer of grated cheese and a dash of pepper.
Cover with another slice.
Cut into mini triangles.
To make sails cut the cucumber slices diagonally, fix them with tooth picks.

Today is the last day with the theme Occasions from tomorrow on-wards we shall start with a new theme.Traditional Recipes.If you have missed any recipe under occasions, here is a brief recap….

Kids Birthday Party

19 thoughts on “Kids Birthday Party”

  1. Here I am, breaking up week 1 into 5 birthday party posts with 1 dish each and you have a single posts with so many. Simply wonderful. The grape catterpillars is a cute idea. And I just love the chocolate straws too. Am gonna make that for my nephews soon!

  2. Here I am, breaking up week 1 into 5 birthday party posts with 1 dish each and you have a single posts with so many. Simply wonderful. The grape catterpillars is a cute idea. And I just love the chocolate straws too. Am gonna make that for my nephews soon!

  3. Wow I wish you made my bday like this..LOL..Love all the dishes you have! coin pizzas are amazing, not to mention the straws, that's a cool idea!..I am sure your grandchildren would enjoy their bdays with you!

  4. please adopt me and celebrate my first bday like this :), you are awesome, i agree with nandini, we end up giving one recipe per post, you create a platter, simply superb, special kudos for the straws, loved the idea

  5. Awesome post Vaishali. Loved the cute food ideas for a kids party. I'm bookmarking this post, as I see myself making most of them for my kids birthday parties. Thank you so much for the visual treat. I think I might copy the whole setup 🙂

  6. When I saw the food there, I though you had your grandkids over. :))
    I don't think I take this much of trouble even for a real birthday party. You outdo yourself each time.

  7. Those cupcakes are really mouth watering. and I loved cheese sandwich idea. It just reminded me the birthday party of little daughter's princess themed birthday party.

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