BM # 43  Week 3  Day 1

Kids are very fond of desserts or sweets and moms are always in quest of giving them some healthy desserts.So For this week I have chosen healthy desserts for kids. For today it is Mango custard. Mangoes are full of iron and incorporating fruit with milk is even more nutritious. I topped the custard with bananas, which are full of calcium.A wee bit of chocolate adds a special attraction and kids would happily finish the bowl.
I had no kids to serve this dessert but my hubby happily enjoyed it.


1tbsp corn flour
250 ml milk
250 ml mango purée
Sugar ( optional )

Chocolate sauce

Boil the milk.
 Add sugar if you want to.
Dissolve the cornflour in 2 tb sp cold milk.
Slowly add it to the boiling milk, let this become thick.
Remove from fire.
Let cool.
Add the mango puree.
Mix well and pour into serving cups.
Just before serving add chopped bananas and drizzle some chocolate sauce.

Mango Custard

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