BM # 34 Week 2 Day 2

For the second day I have chosen to cook a kheer with mango.This kheer was a very spontaneous one.While making daliya or porridge for breakfast I saved some of it and decided to make a kheer with it. I knew a simple kheer with just daliya and milk would not be relished, as it is family is always avoiding sweets.Mango is a weak point with everyone so added it to the kheer and made just three cups.

The same day  my daughter’s in laws visited us and I served this to them , they loved it but could not make out that I had used daliya, there were different  interpretations and I kept smiling. I had one cup saved to click, which was shared between hubby and son. My son instantly guessed that I had used daliya but hubby could not ,though he gave 10/10 for taste, texture, color and nutrition.So here is a keeper recipe….

500 ml milk
1/2 cup cooked daliya ( bha’ et )
1 cup mango purée
1 cup chopped mango
Sugar to taste
Assorted nuts for garnish
Boil milk and let it simmer on slow fire till reduced to half.
Add the cooked daliya and sugar , cook for a minute or two.
Remove from fire.let cool.
Add mango pulp and mix well.
Pour into serving cups.
Top with chopped mango and drizzle some nuts.
Serve chilled.
This dessert can be served with a combination of ice cream or cream to make it more rich.

Mango Daliya Pudding

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