The wonderful concept of Blog Hop Wednesday was conceived by Radhika of Tickling Palates , wherein we are paired with another blogger to cook from each other’s blog.this helps us to understand fellow blogger’s blog and their recipes.Thanks Radhika for organising such a amazing venture.

The first post on the Blog Hop Wednesday was on 3rd August, since I was on a holiday ,I could not participate.Well I am back from my super duper holiday in London where I spent some amazing time with my best friend.Ever since we finished college we never actually got a chance to spend time with each other…35 years of friendship!!For 10 days we were roaming on London streets,getting soaked in rain,eating icecreams ,chatting through the nights..reviving old times….oh I could go on and on …Cheers to this wonderful friendship!!!

Coming back to Blog Hop…Rajani of My Kitchen Trials.was my pair for the first sweet of her to make the Tawa Sabzi from my blog,and she has done a wonderful job!!,,,to be fair to my co blogger I am posting this delicious Mango Salad from her blog.Actually I was carried away by quite a few recipes on her blog..but I chose this as it’s one of my favorite salads…made a little variation…added the beautiful red pomegranate pearls ,just to enhance its beauty as well as taste…….

Here goes the recipe…
1…………….big mango
1…………… onion
2 ………..….green chilly
Salt and sugar to taste.
Few drops lemon juice.

Chop mango,cucumber into cubes.
Chop green chilly and onion finely.
Deseed the pomegranate.
Mix everything,garnishing with coriander leaves.
.Serve with your favorite crisps.

A quick tip on deseeding the pomegranate…..
Cut the fruit into halves.
Place the cut side on your palm your left hand..if you are a rt hander or vice cersa.
Keep a bowl below and hit the fruit from top with a heavy serving spoon …you will see the pearls on your bowl in less than a few minutes.
Repeat the other half.


Mango Salad

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  1. I am seeing this only now! I didn't get a pingback in my blog (may have ended as spam!), else I would responded sooner. Thanks for trying this out, hope you enjoyed it 🙂

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