This month’s Indian Cooking Challenge(ICC),organised by Srivalli is very interesting. Wheat Halwa,….does’nt it sound simple?…..that’s what I thought too….What big deal,will be done in a jiffy!!Only after checking the recipe I realised that this was something very different from what I thought,I faintly related it to a particular halwa that we get in Bombay,but had no clue how to make that too.Anyway I checked the recipe on Shalini’s blog Sanctified Spaces….and actually was impressed with the simple yet impressive write up and step by step pictures.Thanks Shalini ,you sure made my job easy.
I decided to make the Halwa on a Sunday morning,when somehow no one was around.totally at peace,with full concentration on my Mission.I followed the recipe ,without making the changes,except the color and nuts.I used pistachios and some dried rose petals with rose red food color,not to miss the rose flavoring and cardamom.

Here goes the recipe……

250 gms………………wheat
21/4 cups…………….sugar +3/4 cup water
150 gms ghee
½ cup chopped pistachios
¼ cup dried rose petals
Few drops rose flavor

Few drops rose red color

Wheat milk…….
Extract milk by grinding wheat and water,you could add 1 glass of water.
Repeat three times.
Discard the glutinious mass.
After a while the milk will settle down and the water will float up.Do not discard this water.

For the sugar syrup….
Prepare a sugar syrup with sugar and water.
Add 2 tbsp milk .
Remove the scum.
Check the syrup,it has to be 1 thread consistency.

To make halwa……
Mix wheat milk and sugar syrup.
Cook on slow fire.
Stir constantly,till a mass is obtained.
Add pistachios,rose petals,food color,flavor at this stage.
Keep adding ghee in stages .
Grease a tray.
Put the mixture .
Garnish with nuts and rose petals.
Let set.
Cut into pieces.
**you could use nuts of your choice.

Well,I actually did not have any problem while making this.Yes ,just that you should stir it constantly.
The taste of the halwa is really amazing ,soft and imparting rose and nutty flavor , infact was relished by everyone at home,but I feel I should have added some more ghee.Since I have no clue as to what the original taste would be I am not sure if I have done the right job,you guys must tell me my mistakes ,if any from appearance.I cut some pieces and sprinkled icing sugar and rose petals and pistas…just to give that Turkish look!!…thanks Valli,for such an interesting recipe.

Wheat Halwa

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