BM # 66
Week: 3, Day : 1
Theme: Sandwich without Bread
Sandwiches is a very interesting theme and specially when you are challenged to make sandwiches without bread. Sandwich basically means any two layers stuffed with some kind of filling. The first in the series is Paneer Chilly Paratha.
It might sound strange but I like to eat Paneer Chilly with a chapati., just like roti sabzi. People laugh at me, but I don’t care and eat it the way I enjoy. Couple of days Bachk I made Paneer chillyand suddenly I though of using rotis as my base for the sandwich. I had some left over rotis from the previous day so I smeared them with a little oil and placed the paneer chilly on top, covered with another roti and made a nice crisp sandwich.
Paneer Chilly Paratha


2 Chapatis
Oil or butter


Heat a non stick griddle.
Spray some oil.
Place one chapati
Place the ready paneer chilly spreading it well, so as to cover the complete chapati.
Cover with another chapati.
Keep the flame slow.
Take a flat metal plate and place it on top of the sandwich prepared.
Place a heavy mortar and pestle on top of the lid.
Let one side become crisp, flip over.
You must spray some oil before flipping.
This has to be cooked on slow flame so that the chapati becomes nice and crunchy.

Paneer Chilly Paratha

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  1. haha.. but who cares what others say, as long as it tastes good and you enjoy it!! Paratha woth paneer chilly stuffing look delicious though

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