I have missed a few months with ICC, and when Valli announced this month’s challenge, I was sure of not doing it. Reason?..Banana Halwa!!..I hate banana..and a halwa , well not my kind of sweet. Anyway, when I saw the picture of these bananas, I decide to make the halwa. You must be wondering..how can a picture make you like a banana ? Strange but while on a holiday to Kerala our host used to serve these bananas and somehow I liked their flavor.Ever since at rare times I get these from the Kerala store as my hubby is a hard core fan of these. Of course I should be lucky to get them, as this vendor gets them only on Fridays and sometimes they are over by Saturday. With the busy schedule, this time my post is last minute one, and today being a Thursday..I was not sure if I would get the plantains , fortunately I got them.The vendor was surprised to know I wanted to make a halwa..and very sweetly gave me his tips! 

I followed the recipe by Jay with the exact measurements, only I reduced it to half. I changed the method a little. 
Here is how I made the halwa….
1 cup pulp Kerala Plantains / Nenthra pazham 
1 ½ cups sugar 
1 cup ghee 
¼ tsp cardamon pwd 
Almonds and Pistachios for garnish 
Use ripe plantains. 
Peel and cut them in rounds. 
Pressure cook for 2-3 whistles. 
Puree’ or mash them. 
Keep aside. 
In another pan put the sugar and just enough water for it to dissolve. 
Once the sugar dissolves let cook for a few minutes. 
Add cardamon powder and the pulp. 
Add ghee immediately. 
Cook for a few minutes till there is no moisture and the halwa comes up on ghee.

For me I found the halwa as an average sweet, but for people who like bananas, they will surely like it.

Pazham Varatti / Banana Halwa from Kerala for Indian Cooking Challenge

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