The US trip came to an end and I was back home only to realize that life gives you your share of joys and sorrows. My father who had been in bed since quite sometime passed away and I was totally shaken and could not accept the fact.The BM Meet dates were coming close , Valli called me to say they would cancel the whole event. Life has to move on , and I did not want to dishearten my friends, everyone had been looking forward to this event. It was Dad who taught me entertaining, so had he been there he would have asked me to get on with the plans, and so, I did .Lot of mails were exchanged, dress codes planned, itinerary’ s made, demos and workshops… was as though we were planning a wedding ! Throughout the planning  Pradnya was very helpful. I had the liberty to call her at odd hours too.

 Thanks Pradnya!..well, there is yet another  person who has to be thanked..and that’s my dear hubby….he was the one to suggest the venue and decide the menus.Without him, I stand no where.

I will not write a detailed post of what all we did during the three days of this event, as some of the friends have already done wonderful posts on this event, I will just give you all the details briefly.( let s see how brief I can be )

BM meet participants

Vaishali Sabnani

Little participants
Shlok Desai
Isku..or call Nandini’s baby ..Baby Choo
Siddhartha, PJ’s notorious baby 
Event Dates
8 th Feb
9 th feb
10 th feb
Ahemdabad, India
Hotel Stay
Hotel Nest
Itinerary for Day 1
8th feb Friday
Color code shades of red, orange, pink
08.30 a.m  Meet Arcahana , who came in at 1 a.m on 7th feb
09.00 a.m  Breakfast and gossip session with Archana
11.00 a.m  Airport pick up ….the Chennai team was arriving!.Hugs..hugs hugs..and .gossip!..gossip..gossip on the way!..
12.00 noon  lighting the lamp..Valli went all red , blue green!! we all joined in!!
1.00 p.m  Lunch

The lunch menu

Veg lollipop

Paneer chilly fry

Paneer schezwan

Fried rice
Paalak corn capsicum
Stuffed tomatoes and capsicums
Assorted roti

3.30 p.m Display of the BM contest dishes.…we better freshen up to present the dishes..color code changes to shades of Blue.

Khaaja by Valli …loved the spiral shape and the have yet to figure out how to work on those.

Paklova by Kamallika…like milk cake…must have taken ages to reduce milk.

Assorted cookies by Rajani….she took 4 days to bake, imagine how many she made! 

Sunandalu by Padma ……my grand kids kept coming for more….n I wished I was their age, so I could get away by eating three four of those !

Chocolate bruschetta s by Nandini…. Totally capturing !

Bombay bites by Pradnya….she even got onions and tomatoes and a knife to cut them
Choorma by Archana……something that had a spicy, salty and sweet taste, along with a crunch…..absolutely new for me!

6 Flavored pani poori by me ……I can’t talk much about this , all I know all the girls..or ladies went crazy over the hing pani.

PJ ..she joined in at midnight, so did not participate.

are you guys thinking it was just display?..Can’t you hear the…………

Burrrrrrrrp! !

Burrrrrrrrrrrp ! !


Are we ready now ….
6.30 p.m. Photography work shop by Alok Brahmbhatt
I bet he must have cursed himself for accepting to take the work shop, too many ladies…too many questions….poor guy!
He needs tea……….don’t the rest need it too…, after all you need brains to ask so many questions………….
tea / juice break

8.00p.m. Exchange of gifts
I was so engrossed with the gifts, that I did not click them!…but for sure you will see them in my future posts, and I will make sure to mention them!!


Collective gift from friends!!
Now is my turn to say thanks to all the friends for that beautiful Tanjore and that stunning bag!!..loved the gifts.Thanks with big hugs!

9 .00 p.m Street shopping.

well foodies , so eat while you shop .

Sev poori

Channa Chor garam , with onions and tomatoes.


10.30 p.m Dinner at Law Garden…the famous khau gali, which is crowded till after midnight.


Paav Bhaaji

Tawa Pulao

Daal wada
Ragde waali paani poori
Jasuben pizza
Ashrafi kulfi…malai , chocolate, pista, badaam..were the flavors.


Are we done for the day?

Dropped all at the hotel…..came back home., what do I realize ? no house keys! past midnight ! Okay should call and ask my son to open the door, where is the cell phone  ? frantic hunt in the bag….no !! ..go back to the car…Thank God !!  found the phone….. for a change the sunny opens the door, unlike the rest of the days when I open the door to him, when he is late.I get That look and Smile .I quietly enter the room, and snuggle in my blanket, with happy thoughts …..


Faces to Blog...Meet !! 25th BM Celebrations

9 thoughts on “Faces to Blog…Meet !! 25th BM Celebrations”

  1. You guys sure had tons of fun and you are such an awesome host. Loved all the pictures. I wish I could be there with you, but with all your posts I have been imagining myself with everyone virtually.

  2. What a beautiful post, Vaishali! You really took me back to those 3 days of the meet :-).

    You have not missed out any of the events and you have written in such a nice manner that just brings a smile to the face :-). I love the 'hugs…hugs…gossip…gossip' statement! So so true, right?

    And I didn't know about the 'midnight key event'! I dont think I can ever thank you or your supporting family enough for making this trip so memorable for all of us 🙂

    Please do write about Day2 & 3 also! Hugs..

  3. Thanks Rajani…but for this event I probably would have been in that shell…so I guess I have to thank you guys!!:))..and yes the Day 2 and 3 posts are in process!!
    A life time event which has created strong bonds.

  4. Not sure how I missed this post Vaishali!..You have written it so well..I was feeling so terrible for having to go ahead with this, even during your tough period. But you and your family really rocked!..I don't think any other trip or occasion will replace these three days of our life!..and that's thanks to you..:)..(the look your son must have given to you must have been priceless..heheheh..)

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