BM # 68
Day : 1
Theme : One Category – Bread Sandwiches
Sub Theme – Sandwich Cakes

We start with our September Mega Marathon, where we post everyday except Sunday’s. We have been doing these mega marathons since a couple of years now. Our routine marathons are where we post thrice a week, our dates are fixed and themes are announced very 1st of the month. Of course Valli is our boss who decides the themes, though we all contribute to the ideas.
I will not go for a long introduction but I have to mention that we have one Mega Marathon in April too, and here are are a couple of examples of what we have been doing. In case you guys want to join in please contact Valli.
April 2013               Month long marathon with different themes
September 2013    ABC Cooking

Unfortunately I just realized that I have not done the recaps for the first two Mega Marathons…and now they are on my to do list.

Coming to this September’s marathon we had either to cook with one specific ingredient for all 26 days or we could choose to cook with one ingredient for the whole week. We could choose a category too in the same format. 
Well I decided to make sandwiches throughout the month.
Sandwich is a food item. Consisting of one or more types of food such as vegetables, cheese or meat placed ON or between slices of bread serve as a container or wrapper for some other food.
With the modern concepts sandwiches can be anything with two layers and a filling. I am going the traditional way and will be using bread for all the sandwiches.
With the beginning of every new week you shall see a different sub theme of these sandwiches. Hope you enjoy these sandwiches.
For the first week I shall be making Sandwich Cakes.
Today is the first day of the Cooking Carnival and I have made a Pizza Cake. A pizza Cake has been on my mind since a very very long time , and with cakes as my sub theme under my main theme sandwiches, this could not be missed.

 This is a cake which I made with a nice jumbo sliced brown bread. I toasted the bread a little , and then layered it with pizza sauce , pesto , toppings and cheeses. The cake turned out delicious and everyone found it unique .It reminded me of the pizza that we make at The Blue Oven. We make a half n  half pizza where we have pesto on one half and tomato purée on the other half, but this cake had layers of both.
Pizza Cake


Four slices of Jumbo bread
Corn kernels
Onions, big dices
Capsicum, diced
Tomato, dices
Pizza cheese spread
Cheese slices
Mozzarella cheese
Pizza seasoning
Chilly flakes
Chilly garlic oil


Cut the bread slices into circles with the help of a round lid.
Toast the bread in an oven till slightly toasted.
Place the first piece.
Spread the pizza sauce.
Spread boiled corn kernels.
Sprinkle pizza seasoning.
Take the second piece , apply a generous layer of pizza cheese spread.
Place with cheese side down.
Spread pesto on top of the second slice.
Place diced tomatoes on pesto.
Place a cheese slice.
Cover with the third piece .
Spread pizza sauce.
Place some black olives on the pizza sauce.
Take the fourth piece, spread a layer of pizza cheese spread, place it over the olives.
Now we are done with our layers of pizza.
Place the toppings of your choice. I used onion, capsicum, olives.
Spread mozzarella cheese all over.
Stuff some mozzarella cheese in between layers without disturbing the layers.
Place in a preheated oven till the cheese melts .
Sprinkle seasoning and chilly flakes.
Slice the cake with a sharp bread knife.
Serve hot.


Four layers are a little difficult to eat , but you can always cut a slice and enjoy it the way you enjoy eating a cake.
Definitely easier than eating a Dagwood Sandwich !

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Pizza Cake

23 thoughts on “Pizza Cake”

  1. talk about being innovative, this is so good 🙂 my little one (and me) like sandwiches quite a bit and so will be looking forward to ur series, Vaishali !

  2. That is surely a stunning layered sandwich cake. I will have tough time this month with my older one peeping over my shoulder to take a glimpse of all the goodies dished out by all 🙂

  3. Nice and interesting theme,I always look for different kinds of sandwich as it's my family's favorite..Looking forward to your sandwich recipes. BTW pizza cake sounds interesting and delicious..

  4. Oh my Vaishali, what an interesting theme you picked up. Looking forward to y=all your amazing sandwich creations this month.
    Pizza cake looks stunning. LOVE the colorful filling/ toppings. Very innovative and unique.

  5. Love your theme! I can live on sandwiches and I did think of them as a theme initially but I didn't think I could pull it off. Your pizza cake is so delicious looking…want to grab it right away!

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