BM # 29   Week 2   Day 3
Mitho Lolo is a sweet thick chapati made from wheat flour, sugar and jaggery. You could call it a sweet version of the Sindhi Koki. It requires slow fire cooking and after it is cooked it is soaked in ghee. This is a true Sindhi breakfast, but now kind of forgotten. My little grand daughter is very fond of these Lola ‘s and that is how I decided to post these for kid’s Delight.

Mitho Lolo has lot of significance in Sindhi culture.It is a must to prepare these after a person has recovered from chicken pox.These are also prepared on a festival called Thadri. Thadri is a festival where we cook a variety of flat breads , including Moong Daal Paratha along with dry saute’s, curd dishes, sanna pakoras a day prior to the festival . this food is eaten on the festival day when no fire is lit in the house.

I shall surely do a post on the food of the Thadri Festival, but for now it is Mitho Lolo.
1 cup wheat flour
7-8 tsp sugar
7-8 tsp ghee
1/4 cup water
Mix sugar and water and keep it aside for 1-2 hours, or till sugar dissolves.
Mix ghee with the flour, and knead the flour with the sugar water.
Make this into a hard dough.
Divide the dough into two , to make two Lola’s.
Roll out into thick circular disk and cook on very slow flame.
When it turns golden, flip overand cook
Keep pressing the Lolo gently with the help of a dry napkin and turn sides occasionally.
When golden, remove from fire and place it in deep plate with a ladle full of ghee.
Pour more ghee on top.
Leave it for a few minutes.
The Lolo will absorb the ghee and some might be left.
Remove the Lolo from the plate and serve
The Lolo is generally served with pickle and papad.
I personally do not like the combo, so we normally make and enjoy it as it is.
While it is nice and hot, you enjoy this wonderful sweet.

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Mitho Lolo / Sweet Indian Flat Bread

17 thoughts on “Mitho Lolo / Sweet Indian Flat Bread”

  1. Looks beautiful. And all that ghee, this can be eaten on special days! Will wait for your post on Thadri. I vaguely remember this from my childhood when i used to go over to my Sindhi neighbour's house on this day. All the dishes cooked on the previous day used to be so yummy!

  2. Amazing…Amazing…Amazing….Just made it for yesterday … n tried it now for Thadri …. Itz the best ever I have made 🙂 Thnx for sharing dear !! Happy Thadri 🙂

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