BM # 56
Week : 2 , Day: 4
Theme: Indian States
State : Uttarkhand
Uttarakhand is the Himalayan State in Northern India. Uttarakhand – the land of gods, the home of Himalayas and a true paradise on earth, allures everyone from everywhere. the State of Uttarakhand extends from the foothills of the Himalayas up to the international borders of China and Nepal. Uttarakhand can be broadly divided into two divisions namely Garhwal and Kumaon. 
Uttarakhand is called the Land of the Gods (Dev Bhoomi) because it is home to countless holy spots and shrines. Ganga and Yamuna, the two most revered rivers of India, originate from the Himalayan glaciers in Uttarakhand. 
This state is very close to my heart and I have visited it a number of times. I was not into blogging then, but it was one of my recent visits to this state when I decided that I had to eat the Pahari meal.
After our trip to Haridwar , we left for Mussoorie . Since it was very cold we stayed indoors but every time we went out I looked around for people with whom I could talk about the local cuisine and get some of their ingredients. Fortunately while sight seeing we went to Company Park and there at a food stall I spoke to a young girl, she looked local , so Itook a chance and boy I was lucky.She guided me to a shop where I could buy the ingredients, but she could not give me the recipes as the language was a barrier.
On returning to the hotel I went to the restaurant and inquired about the chef there who could help me with the local recipes. To my surprise the hotel authorities arranged a meeting with him. I was super excited, and trust me this meeting proved so fruitful. The chef has given me so many local recipes that I can make a few more meals from this state. He even arranged  a typical meal for us the next day. The meal was absolutely delicious and it helped me to make this Thali. 
Thank you Chef Virender! 
And now coming to today’s menu
Aaloo Daal Pakora
( a potato roll which is stuffed with Moong and Urad Daal , fried to a crisp golden )
Til ki Chutney
( a delicious chutney made with coriander and sesame seeds)
Pudina ki Thandai
( a very refreshing mint lemonade)
Gahat ka Shorba
( a mild soup made from the local gahat Daal)
( a comforting simple green )
( a traditional curry made from black desi Channa )
( curd and chick pea flour curry )
( a unique potato curry made with smashed potatoes)
Meetha Bhaat
 (Sweet rice made with local pahari rice and jaggery)
Chol Roti
( flour pancakes laced with spring onion)
(Two different flours, the beautiful purple mandua is stuffed in the wheat to make a flat Indian bread)
( A traditional pahari sweet, with wheat flour and jaggery)

And here are some pics of the meal that was served to us by Chef Virender 
Aaloo Techwani 
Chol Roti
Notes :
This was a completely different meal for the family, though hubby and I had tasted a couple of dishes in Mussoorie.
 Aaloo Thecwani, Jholi and Phanu were the most appreciated dishes.
 Chol Roti was similar to our Sindhi Aatte jo Chillo, which I have yet to post. 
The Aaloo Daal Pakora was slightly bland for our taste, so perhaps I shall spice it up next time. 
Till chutney was amazing and the accompaniment the pounded green chiilies with salt and lemon enhanced the complete meal.
Roat  was similar to Sindhi Lolo.
The meal got ready within two hours , I had prepared the Roat a day in advance.all choppings done a day in advance.
The meal was perfect for our family of six, with no left overs.

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Uttarkhand Thali

20 thoughts on “Uttarkhand Thali”

  1. Wow, you have set the bar for thalis way too high! We can never manage to do so many elaborate thalis as you have done. Everyday you come out with amazing thalis. I was swamped doing just one big thali. All I can say is delicious!! and will look forward to your another thali from this state post Uttarkhand trip.

  2. Vaishali….this kind of food, is new to me, and am so grateful to know you, you have brought in so many wonderful ways to present such awesome looking thalis and menus. I would have not gone beyond basic roti an sabzi had I ever required to make smething from there…beautiful recipes

  3. Vaishali, that's one feast to the eyes!..Even though I have seen the pictures, seeing it published here makes it even more grand! and kudos on your efforts..when it comes to thalis and presentation, there is none to beat you!

  4. Oh my, that is such a beautifully presented thali Vaishali. You are so lucky to get first hand recipes from the chef himself. All the dishes look absolutely delicious.

  5. This is my first visit to your blog! This is my first comment here, so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I genuinely enjoy reading your articles. Your blog provided us useful information. You have done an outstanding job.

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