BM # 45   Week 4  Day 1
Kulfi is a Indian ice cream and a delicious sinful dessert. This can be served for any small or big occasion, or even for a routine dessert. My family is very fond of these but of course will have it only for special occasions. Last month my cousins were here from US and while hosting their dinner I made complete street food the kulfi complimented the menu . These kulfis are ideal to make and store and make a perfect sweet during festivals. So for the last week of this marathon I am posting Festival Recipes. The Badaam kulfi is my first post in this series.
Badaam Kulfi
2 liters full fat milk
Sugar to taste
Cardamom powder
Roasted chopped almonds
Blanched chopped pistachios
Roasted almonds.
Boil milk in a flat heavy bottomed pan.
After the first boil, simmer the gas .
The milk should be on very slow fire and this will form a thin layer of cream or malai on top as you go on boiling it.
Make sure to stir it only after this layer forms.
Reduce the milk scraping the sides of the pan every now and then.
Reduce till you are left with about 500 ml of milk.
Add sugar , cardamom and roasted chopped almonds.
Pour them into moulds and cover and freeze till well set.
Garnish with blanched pistachios and roasted almonds.
To garnish
Blanch the pistachios .
Peel them and finely chop them.

Roasted Badaam Kulfi / Roasted Almond Frozen Dessert

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