BM # 52  Week 2  Day 1
I love kheers, but when it comes to Rabdi, I avoid, in fact everyone in the family avoids. It is delicious and I cheat the family by freezing the Rabdi and converting it into a Kulfi. I made this for a dinner and my guests were so happy that they wanted second serving too. The sweetened khoya is the thickening agent in it , along with it , it gives a absolutely delicious flavor. The rose water in it is heavenly and the roasted almonds give it a crunch and a lingering taste. The saffron is sprinkled so you get that flavor too, in all a hit Indian party dessert.
You could serve it chilled or freeze it to turn them into kulfis, the choice is yours, I assure you there will be no ice crystals in the Kulfi. The kids will love it too. This is my Day 1 post under Srivalli’s  Kid’s Delight , with the theme creamy foods hosted by Mireille.
Shahi Rabdi
1 lt milk
250 gms roasted sweetened khoya
Roasted almonds
Rose water
Sugar as per requirement
Boil the milk, till reduced to half.
Add nuts and give one or two boils.
Add the khoya and cook for a few minutes.
The consistency should be quite thick.
Add sugar if required .
Add rose water.
Pour into a bowl and let it cool.
Sprinkle nuts and cardamom powder.
Sprinkle dissolved saffron.
Chill and serve.

Shahi Rabadi

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