Sindhi Meal


Sindhi Meal is where selected Sindhi dishes are put together to make a complete healthy nutritious meal. The dishes have to compliment each other.


Since I belong to a Sindhi family and realise that the Sindhi Cuisine is slowly disappearing, I wanted to make sure that I feature at least a few recipes this marathon. For the first week, I have posted Everyday Thalis and I made sure that I post all Sindhi Thalis.


Sindhi ‘s never had a Thali, but obviously one can create one. We do have combinations, like Dal Pakwan or Seyu Patata or Kadhi Chawara Tooka , but not a specific Thali where we can place veggies and curries in a particular pattern or serve them in a particular sequence. Food is normally set up on the dining table and the family helps themselves. All family members sit together for the meal, men, women and children.


Sindhi Meal


However, In olden days, it was different. Men would come home for lunch and the food was served in Thalis and generally, the women of the house ate after feeding the men. The Thali in those days too never had a sequence. One Dal, one dry sauté or one curry with a dry saute along with rice and fulko was served. A Sindhi Thali is a BM innovation. Haha !


This is a meal that I cooked for a cousin who was visiting us from Melbourne. I wanted to serve dishes which probably they would never make there. He loved the menu and totally enjoyed the meal. This is my 3rd Thali under the Regional Thalis for The Thali and Platter Festival.


Sindhi Meal


Here’s the menu


Charan ji Daal ras wari is nothing but Channa Daal or Bengal gram in gravy. This is a typical Sindhi daal where each grain of the daal is separate .)


( Apple gourds and potatoes simmered in coriander and garlic paste )


Tukre ware Bhindiyu
( ladyfingers deep-fried to a crisp golden )


Kachalun ji Chat
( a chat with Colacassia with tangy tamarind and chat masala


( potato croquettes, with coriander and chillies )


(creamy yoghurt with gram flour vermicelli )


( mint and coriander chutney )


( pickled onions – The recipe is same except that we use whole baby onions )


( steamed rice )


( the Sindhi crunchy blotting paper )


( whole wheat flatbread, doused in ghee )


( a sweet / mithai made with gram flour vermicelli, typically Sindhi sweet )


(a milk pudding with agar agar )


Sindhi Meal


Some of the recipes have already been shared, while some will be up in the coming marathons, and for today I shall be sharing the recipe for Sev ka Raita or Singar jo Dudh.
Here are some other Sindhi Thali’s that I have created –


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Sindhi Thali

Sindhi Meal is where selected Sindhi dishes are put together to make a complete healthy nutritious  meal . The dishes have to compliment each other.
Course Dinner, Lunch
Cuisine Indian Cuisine


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7 thoughts on “Sindhi Meal”

  1. Even though you say you don’t have a thali, the dishes are so well balanced and compliments Vaishali. A very wholesome meal and will be checking back on this for the recipes that get shared. Great efforts. You are always so innovating that its no wonder you have come a thali concept for your cuisine..:)

  2. I guess in olden days the pattern was same all over India. Menfolk were served food first and then the women of the household served themselves. A thali full of Sindhi meals is a Sindhi thali, so you are right there :-). The whole meals is a treat for the eyes as well, the recipes being traditional won’t be greasy and heavy on your stomach too!

  3. Vaishali, we don’t have a thaali concept either to be honest but our BM group has become experts in creating thaalis for any theme / region, . 🙂 This particular thaali somehow sounds and looks very homely to me compared to your usual regional thaalis which come across as exotic.

  4. I can see how much love and care went into preparing this meal. I think that is what makes meals at home precious. All the dishes look exceptional. The placement of the dishes and the picture composition are superb.

  5. This sindhi thali looks so inviting and each and every dish compliments each other and well balanced. I am eyeing on that milk pudding. Presentation of the thali is extra ordinary as usual.

  6. Glad you are creating these Sindhi thalis and documenting them. Wow, so many dishes and love how it is all well balanced. These days the art of serving in thali is gone. As you said, we all sit to gether and help ourselves. But once in a while serving in thali style is great.

  7. The thali looks absolutely amazing. Though I do not know a few dishes here, whenever I find something new here, I talk to my SIL (who is also vaishali and sindhi :D, and my both sides SIL are Sindhi 😀 😀 )…and she starts drooling…hehe…Now I will show her this thali :-). This is so good that you are documenting all the recipes here, it is a treasure, and especially the ones which are almost lost now…

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