Tiramisu is one of our family favorite desserts and I have made it many times, but always with the regular cream.I have made different versions of this Italian dessert much before I started blogging.I have used cookies, cakes and even made a Tiramisu Sundae. Marscopone cheese has been introduced to be after I have entered the blog world, and how I loved this. It is a wonderful cream, making the dessert very light.The best is it is really simple to prepare.I was dying to make the lady fingers, but the heat is killing .I did not have the patience to try something new, as it is this dessert had enough disasters! 

Coming to my disasters while working on this dessert… 

I started off with Marscapone cheese, so put the cream to boil after adding the lemon the cream remained as it is !!I wondered and then it struck me that I was using non dairy cream.I called up my hubby who was on the way back to get some Amul tetra packs!This made things easier and the beautiful cream done! 

The second disaster was the cake!I baked the cake and put it back in the oven , you see this is my safe, no body knows that I hide my stuff here!! I was rather busy for two days .The third day I whipped the cream, got everything ready and then removed the cake from the oven. The minute I cut it I knew that the heat had effected it.There was a peculiar smell. I tasted a bit, and had to straight head for the bin.I was literally pulling my hair ..all my stuff ready to be assembled and no cake.I looked for some cookies, but it was one of those days!!I called my baker friend and asked him if he would sell one sponge to me, which normally he would not .Thanks Shimol!! .I drove like a mad person and picked the sponge , got stuck in the late evening traffic jam ..now aren’t these enough disasters? 

Whatever I went through, when I served the dessert, I had a smile on my face, finally I made it.I did feel guilty about not baking the lady fingers, but will surely re do it in winters. Here is what I finally did!! 

Home made Marscapone Cheese 
3 tetra packs Amul tetra packs(200 ml each) 
1 tsp lemon juice 
Put the cream in a thick bottomed pan. 
Heat the cream stirring often.Ideally it should reach 190 deg temperature. 
(I did not use the thermometer, and kept it on slow flame for 15 minutes) 
Add lemon juice, continue stirring. 
The cream will become thick, it should coat the back of your spoon. 
Stir for another 5 minutes. 
Leave it to cool for a while. 
Transfer to a sieve, lined with double layers of cheese cloth. 
Do not press, just leave as it is. 
Cover with a lid and place the sieve over a pot in the fridge. 
Refrigerate at least 24 hours. 
You shall find just a few tb sps  of water discarded from this cream.Throw it, and use your beautifully prepared cheese. 
This shall yield about 2 cups of ready cheese. 

Coffee Decoction 
2 tbsp instant expresso coffee power 
2 tbsp boiling water. 
Add the coffee powder to the boiling water. 
½ cup water 
1/3 cup sugar 
Add sugar to the expresso mix and add more water. 
Add vanilla essence.(you could add Kahlua liqueur) 

Filling and Frosting 
2 cups marscapone cheese 
1 cup whipped cream +1/2 cup for garnish
½ cup icing sugar(you could adjust this to your taste) 
Whip the cream with icing sugar till it holds firm peaks. 
Lightly whisk the marscapone cheese. 
Stir about one quarter of the whipped cream into the Marscapone. 

Assembling the cake 
I made a double layer cake, so slice the cake into three parts. 
Sprinkle the coffee decoction on the first layer. 
Spread a layer of cream. 
Place the second layer and repeat decoction and cream layers. 
For the top layer again sprinkle the coffee decoction and place it upside down. 
Spread rest of the cream on top. 
Place to refrigerate overnight. 
Place the Tiramisu in the deep freeze for 15 minutes before you start to garnish. 

150 gms dark chocolate 
Grate shavings with the help of a knife for the top garnish. 
Refrigerate till required. 
Melt the rest of the chocolate in the MW. 
Remove the cake from the freezer and gently pour the melted chocolate around the dessert, since it is chilled the chocolate will set immediately. 
Sprinkle the chocolate shavings. 
The dessert is ready to be served.

Everyone loved the dessert and it sure is a treat..Thanks Gayathri, !! and Thanks Sowmya for suggesting this wonderful dessert.

Tiramisu for Eggless Baker's Group

13 thoughts on “Tiramisu for Eggless Baker’s Group”

  1. O wow I finally see the bride! She is beautiful . I am in love Viashali (better not let hubby hear that) 😉

    Seriously Vaishali after I saw your SMS my heart had sunk. Here I was with a Tiramisu that the girls did not want and you said yours was a disaster. Its a beauty!!

  2. Looking at the stunning outcome of the tiramisu, I am doubting whether I can follow though you have mentioned that its simple. I salute your baking skills for the way the cake turned out. Would love to try a small slice.

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