We start with yet another edition of Mega Marathon . Of course , by now you all are aware of our Mega Marathons. We have two every year, one in April , the other in September. Valli , our event organizer normally decides the themes quite early , and these are mutually decided among the group members .The themes this April are very interesting and it was hard for me to decide , but Street Food is something that has always been my favorite and hence I will be posting Indian Street Food throughout April . However let me tell you about the other themes too which will be posted by my co bloggers.

Kids Lunchbox
Street Food
Indian Sweets
Lunch Box Dishes (Elders)
Breakfasts (International or Indian)
No Refined Sugar or Refined Flour (only baked or typical dishes that are made with alternatives)
No Onion No Garlic
Whole Grain

My initial plan was to divide my theme into two parts , International street food and Indian street food and Explore the Flavours , but I stuck to just Indian and went alphabetically .

When we talk of Street Food one relates with  Paani Poori , Bhel poori , Sev Poori , but trust me there is a lot more.Then come in the chutneys for chats without which Indian street food would be incomplete . Next are the typical spices that give a burst of flavors . Chaat Masala , Black Salt , Chilly Powders are kind of must . Indian Street Foods are a medley of flavours , tangy , spicy , sweet , crunchy ! One starts drooling right away .

When I made my list I wanted to feature the streets foods from all states , but it was a task to meet two challenges , so I decided on just A – Z.

Come Explore the Flavours of Indian Street Food with me all April !

Welcome to Explore your Flavors !

Before we begin here are some of the Mega Marathons we have done .


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Friends keep tuned in this complete April to enjoy some hot , spicy , tangy and sweet flavours !

Welcome to Explore your Flavors !

Welcome to Explore your Flavors !

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