BM # 63
Day :1
Theme : Regional Cuisine
Cuisine : Sindhi

Like every year our April Mega Marathon begins ! Valli , our team captain announces the theme for mega marathons is announced quite early, giving the members plenty of time to prepare. Even though there is lot of time, it’s hard for members to prepare, life has tight schedules. Right ? Anyway I like to plan everything so normally do not have difficulty with these marathons. This April we are working on a Regional A to Z and we are calling it Journey Through the Cuisines. You must check out some of our previous challenges where we have cooked from A- Z.

At the same time I , along with a couple of my friends are participating for another challenge. Yes, it is A- Z Challenge again!This is a challenge which was started in 2010 and it is amazing that friends can post just about anything, any topic , but of course alphabetically ! I am sure I will come across many interesting blogs to read, and make some friends in this big blog world !
ATo Z has always been challenging where some alphabets are rather tricky and there are absolutely no dishes in Indian cuisine…, well I picked to do Sindhi Regional and in the Sindhi script some of these English alphabets do not exist . . I have many Sindhi recipes on the blog , and I wanted to give myself a challenge , go out of the box and work, so I picked all Sindhi sweets for this marathon. ..there are a couple of those difficult alphabets which bothered me and I could not find any Sindhi Sweets for them .what did I do for these alphabets? Well, let the marathon begin and as we come to those tough alphabets you will know.At this point a big word of thanks to Alka Keswani of Sindhi Rasoi , my cousins, friends and family who helped with my list and recipes.
For the very first day in our Journey Through the Cuisines I have made Atey Ja Ladun.Atoo is flour in Sindhi. Atey ja Ladun are wheat flour ladoos. My blogging friends are aware that I love ladoos, but find it a task to make them! So friends these are special ladoos for you all.
The Sindhi ladoos are really big, perhaps even bigger than a cricket ball. Normally these are made at the time of weddings and given to daughters. The boy’s family distributes the ladoos , Majoon and Varo to close family and friends.Before serving the ladoos, they are broken and placed on griddle and then coverd with a lid. With microwaves coming in , they are heated in them, the size is getting smaller day by day…well people prefer bite sized sweets, right?
Atey ja ladoo


2 cups whole wheat flour
1 cup ghee 
2 cups sugar, powdered
1 tsp cardamon powder
Almonds, cashews and raisins


Melt the ghee in a heavy bottom pan.
Add the whole wheat flour.
Roast the flour on very slow fire till you get a wonderful aroma and the flour turns pink.
This shall take about 10 – 15 minutes.
Once the flour is roasted add the cardamon powder and roughly chopped nuts.
Remove the flour in a tray.
Let the flour cool a little.
Add powdered sugar and mix well with both your hands.
While mixing these add some more ghee, just enough for them to bind.
Make Ladoos of desired size .

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A - Aatey Ja Ladun / Wheat Flour Ladoo

27 thoughts on “A – Aatey Ja Ladun / Wheat Flour Ladoo”

  1. wow first I have to say a big thanks to you for bringing up this traditional Sindhi sweets and looking forward to your up coming sweet recipes. This one looks amazing…

  2. I have learnt a lot about Sindhi cuisine from you Vaishali. And this whole month is going to be a great virtual treat for me. Nice start for the BM. The ladoos look absolutely inviting..

  3. Fantastic choice Vaishali, can't wait to check out your list…and since I was lucky enough to taste some, I know the treats that's coming..:)

  4. This is going to one interesting sweet marathon! We too have a similar tradition where the sweets & even savory snacks brought by the bride are distributed among groom's family members.

  5. AAtey ja ladoo looks so tempting Vaishali.I already have bookmarked so many sindhi recipes from your space and now its going to be whole month of bookmarking.Lovely presentation.

  6. I would love to have a bite at the laddoo as big as a cricket ball. I am so excited to be reading about your Sindhi cuisine. That is something I have not ventured a lot and this will be a good time for me to bookmark some 🙂

  7. Wow, am very eager to know about your 25more Sindhi dishes though i know you always rock with your recipe choice. Wheat flour laddoos will definitely please my sweet tooth.

  8. Nice theme vaishali. Happy to be indulging in sweets for a month. And here too the mothers side packs a whole bunch of sweets and savouries to be given to the grooms family when the bride goes home for the first time. now I am thinking of the cricket ball sized ladoo and wondering how nice it would be eat one!!looking forward to the other treats yaar.

  9. Very interesting theme. Vaishali I guess most of us would have broken our heads to find out recipes from "those difficult" alphabets. We shall wait and watch what each of us will do 🙂

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