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Cooking with Alphabets : X
Category : Street Food

City in Mexico
Xalapa, or Jalapa, is the capital city of the Mexican state of Veracruz and the name of the surrounding municipality

Today we are at the alphabet X in our journey of traveling Around the World in 30 days. Unfortunately we have no country in the country list with this alphabet. So the BM group decided to take up a city with this alphabet. We did have a clause here, if we were cooking from a particular country, we could not cook from that country state. Like I picked Xalapa which is a Mexican city, so I could not cook from Mexico with M.
Xalapa, or Jalapa officially is the capital city of the Mexican state of Veracruz and the name of the surrounding municipality.
Xalapa is the home place of the famous Jalapeño peppers,as well as products made with maize: gorditas, tostadas, pasties, enfrijoladas, and chicken are common foods. The desserts that are consumed in the region are typically sweet such as cake and coconut candies, not to miss the Conchas , a sweet bread which we made for Baking Eggless Group.
Xalapa is located beneath towering volcanic peaks in the Sierra Madre Oriental, at an elevation of about 4,680 feet . Known for its scenic backdrop and its lush tropical vegetation, Xalapa is often called the “Flower Garden of Mexico.”

Finding street food from this city was rather difficult, trust me I just couldn’t find any proper recipe for it. I adapted the recipe from here and made my own version of it.


After I finished cooking for this city, I found this Mexican fudge which is a street food of this city, they even have candies which look like our Indian Chikki. I could have done those two street foods too but I preferred the Bean Torillas. I made these twice. I was not happy with the pics in the first go, but everyone had appreciated these and my niece kept asking..when Ma..when? Yes she calls me Ma.

Tortillas are versatile, and you could make them with whole wheat , just like our chapatis, make them with a mix of corn and all purpose flour. The ones I have used are with half wheat and half all purpose flour.

Red, yellow, green capsicum, cut into cubes
Onion, roughly chopped
Olives, black , green
Place the tortilla on a baking tray.
Place some of the retried beans in the center.
Top these with salsa.
Garnish with capsicum, onion, olives and cheese.
Put it to bake for about 5 mins or until the cheese melts.
Drizzle some olive oil.
Sprinkle chilly flakes and oregano.

This is the picture of my first trial

Mexican Cuisine is quite a favorite at home , so here is some more of it.

Mexican Curry with Rice

Mexican Toastadas

Baked Mexican Trio

Mexican Bean Salad

Baked Mexican Rice with Cheese Patty

7 Layer Dip with Purple Corn Chips


Corn on the Cob.. Mexican Style


Bean Tortillas from Xalapa

14 thoughts on “Bean Tortillas from Xalapa”

  1. These tortillas are so versatile. We can make any number of varieties with this humble tortilla. Bean tortillas are mouthwatering with all that colorful garnish.

  2. Yummy. Bean tortillas are my kids' favorite too and I can imagine why your niece was after you. 🙂
    I had bookmarked toastadas and stuffed jalapeno peppers which seem to have originated in the region but later went with other nation for X.

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