I have always loved Maharashtrian food. Infact our neighbor from the previous colony and a very good friend is a Maharashtrian, so have always had this delicious food.Recently I made a complete Mharashtrian platter..and these potatoes are a part of it.The rest of the thali shall come up soon.

10-12…….. baby potatoes
2cups…… dry shredded coconut
¾ cup……. peanut pwd
¼ cup……. sesame seeds
1tsp………. cumin-coriander seeds
6tbsp ……..maharashtrian Goda masala
Pinch turmeric
Pinch red chilly pwd
Pinch asafoetida
1tbsp……… tamarind pulp
Peel the potatoes and slit cross wise, keeping the potato intact.
Immerse these in chilled iced water.This shall help the slits to open up..
Roast coconut, sesame seeds and coriander cumin seeds till pink.
Grind this to a  mixture with turmeric,red chilly pwd, tamarind, jaggery, sesame seeds and goda masala.
Fill the potatoes with this mixture.
Heat a pan.add oil and mustard seeds.Let splutter.
Place the potatoes, cover  and cook on slow fire., adding little water every now and then so the potatoes cook till tender and the spices too seep in.

These potates have a wonderful, pleasing flavor and can be relished with rotis or parathas. Linking it to Kalyani’s Magic Mingle.

Maharashtrian Stuffed Potatoes

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