We are a group of bloggers who run a monthly marathon, where we post three recipes per week. We have been doing this since the last six years. Srivalli, is the lady behind this wonderful event. We also have Mega Marathons where we post all through the month. The concept of mega marathons was conceived on our BM 25 th Meet, which was held in Ahemdabad. It was the first time we bloggers met face to face. Check for glimpses here, here and here. After this there was no looking back.

The second meet was in Chennai to mark the celebrations of 50 th marathon .Check some glimpses here and here and here. Now comes the 75th marathon. For this we chose Delhi as our destination.
Delhi is my home town and I have lived in Old Delhi for a very long time. I am familiar with the small busting lanes , though one sees many changes over the years. Delhi is the hub of street food, hence the destination.
I booked my tickets two days prior to the meet, we had planned for a side trip to Mathura, Vrindavan and Agra. Friends were to arrive on 15 th and I wanted to receive them at the airport. But before that I wanted to meet my school buddies, so I met them on Valentines Day and enjoyed a lavish long lunch which ended at 6 in the evening. With friends around time just flies.

Today I shall share the details of our side trip which will tell you about our holiday of Vrindavan , Mathura and Agra.
Color code for the day: shades of grey, beige, brown and black.
Scene at Domestic Airport , New Delhi
Date: 15 th Feb 2017
Arrived friends: Ritu Tangri , Preeti Garg
Time 1.15 p.m
I’m being dropped by a school friend at the airport, looking for Ritu and Preeti.
Finally spot them and hugs are exchanged.

I had met Preeti before, looked the same, bubbly, cheerful , friendly , a true Delhite!
Ritu, a new face. Appeared shy and reserved, maintained her image for a while.
1.45 p.m
Familiar faces arrive.
Gayathri with her ten year old Shruti, Srivalli and Veena.
More hugs.
2.15 p.m
Sowmya from Bangalore comes in. A new face, oh that looks like Sowmya , somebody screamed and I quickly went up, waved to her and she waved back.
Yes it was Sowmya, a big hug and a very big smile.
2.45 p.m
PJ lands and back stage we planned to send Ritu to receive her.
Neither had seen each other.
Fortunately Ritu recognizes and taps her shoulder, “PJ “?
PJ raises her eyebrow and gives a look.
How I wish I had captured that look.

Lunch at airport
Lentil salad
Fruit salad , all brought by Preeti
Aloo Mattar Parathas
Sarso ka Saag , packed by my school buddy, Sujata.
4 p.m
Departure for Vrindavan by Tempo Traveller

Halt at Sarojini Nagar Market
To enjoy hot pakoras
Whole Onion Pakoras
Paneer Pakoras
Paalak Pakoras
Water bottles

5 p.m
Gayathri removes the sinful chocolate cake from her bag.
The bus filled with the aroma of ganache…( well at least I can always get that aroma).
Gayathri frosted the cake right in the bus .
Cake gone in seconds !
Ah ! What a cake ! Extremely soft, sinful, delicious…yummy !

Slowly back benchers PJ, Ritu, Gayathri clonking off !
Preeti, Sowmya, Veena , Valli and I jabbering.

8 p.m
Arrival at Vrindavan.
Packed in two E rickshaws.
Temple : Bankey Bihari Mandir
Going through narrow lanes where, bikes, cycle rickshaws, and cows made it difficult to walk,
Monkeys sat on rooftops waiting to grab glasses and mobiles.
( the reason why I am without the glasses in the picture)
This is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. Bankey means bent in three places and Bihari means supreme enjoyer. This is how Krishna , who is bent in three places got this name.
The temple closes at 8.30 in winters, so we were lucky and made it for darshan.

Shopping in Vrindavan
Beautiful clothes for Deity’s.

10 p.m
Departure for Mathura
Halt in mathura at my cousins place whom I was meeting after nearly 40 years !
We were served
Fresh fruits
Dry fruits
Kachori with Aloo ka Raita ( this Raita is a Sabzi with more gravy and less potatoes)
One of the best home made kachori I have had.
Chole Bhature.

Gifts from my cousin
Packets of home made spices.
Finally depart for Agra
Reached after midnight after going around finding our venue.
Everyone got into night suits, had some coffee and conked off.
16 th Feb Thursday
Good Morning from Agra
Wake up time 5.15 a.m
Color code : Shades of Green

6.15 a.m
The Taj Mahal, the seventh wonder of the world
Taj, means a crown. Mahal is a palace, so TajMahal means Crown of the Palace. It is a large white marble structure standing on a square plinth. It is embedded with yellow marble, jasper and jade. It is a work of detailed carving and the calligraphy found on the marble reads passages from Quran.

The monument was built in the memory of Mumtaz Mahal., wife of The emperor Shah Jahan.it took twenty years to complete the monument. The monument is situated on the banks of river Yamuna, which makes it a picturesque sight.

As soon as we reached Taj we hired a guide and he told us these and many more facts about this beautiful monument.
Talking about the guide, he did a wonderful job and was our photographer for the day.
Any body smiling ? Yes, we all were, but when it comes to smiles, who can beat our graceful, poised Veena . Hey Veena, are you blushing ?

11 a.m
Breakfast at Devilal Agra
Badaiya with Aaloo Jhol
Meethi Lassi
Makhan samosa
Breakfast hosted by : Pooja and Vijay, my niece and her husband who live in Agra.
She even got a Paan Cake and Paan muffins freshly baked for all of us.

12 noon
Panchi Petha House
Food shopping begins
Amazing variety of petha and gajak.
12.30 p.m.
Departure for Delhi
Lot of chit chatting in the bus, some cooking off !
2 p.m
Halt for tea / coffee
5 p.m
Arrival at Sai Villa, Delhi
A 6 bedroom apartment with a beautiful terrace.
Pradnya and her son waiting to receive us.

6.30 pm

INA, the spice market 
Indian National Army Market is a Food Bazar of fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, spices.
Ingredients from all cuisines are available here.
We picked some ingredients for our up coming work shop.
Some Delhi spices.
Some bakeware.
And check this fruit!
Our friends had never seen this
Rasbhari,this is a berry which is available only in winters, it is slightly tarty and has very small seeds which are edible.

8 p.m
Delhi Hatt
One can see street hawkers and chai wallas .
Dilli Hatt is an open air craft bazar, which has handicrafts , fabrics, gift items and food stalls from different states.
It is a tourist spot , but by now all were exhausted and we just took a stroll around the place and left.
9.30 p.m
Arrive back at Sai Villa
Archana and her daughter Apekaha are there to welcome us.
Finally all BM members arrived.
Dinner Time, dinner ordered by Preeti
Black Daal
Jeera rice
Paneer butter masala
Tandoori roti
Onion salad
Followed by dessert
Ice creams and kulfis.

I bet you guys are exhausted reading this post, so let’s take a break! I am going to sleep, Sowmya is sharing the room with me…warning..I might snore ! But hey what do I hear…before me she conks off and I can hear her snoring ! Can you ?
Ok Good night friends, tomorrow is yet another of those special days, do come back !

This is my post for the last week of BM 74, Day 1


Blogging Marathon #75 Celebrations, The side Trip.

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  1. I am enjoying all your posts and experiences from this meet. Rasbhari is new to me and recently picked up similar berries here, from Whole Foods. These are called Golden berries and were tart.
    Looking forward to reading more about this meet.

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