BM # 73
Week: 3 , Day: 3,
Theme: Festival Recipes
For the last day under festival recipes I have Flavored Choormas from Rajasthan. Daal Baati Choorma is a staple diet of Rajasthani’s, they have the tradition of making this meal on special occasions. While chatting with one of my Rajasthani friends I learnt that they make special choormas for Holi. They flavour it with the tradition flavours. The basic choorma is so delicious that one cant stop at a few spoons, imagine it with some aromatic rose petals, it sure is heavenly. The colors are edible and can be omitted , but since Holi is a Festival of colours ,I did not want to miss them.


2 cups wheat flour
3-4 tbsp ghee
Water to bind the dough
For Choorma

½ cup sugar
½ cup ghee

For Rose Choorma
Red food color
Rose petals, dried
Rose flavoring
Khus Choorma

Khus flavouring
Green food color

Saffron Choorma

Saffron strands
Saffron yellow color

Take the wheat flour in a big bowl.
Make a well in the centre.
Pour in ghee.
Rub the ghee with the flour , till it resembles bread crumbs.
Adding water gradually, bind the dough, the dough should not be soft.
Pinch out lemon sized balls and make balls.
Deep fry these balls, adjusting the flame from time to time so that these balls cook through and through.
Let the balls come to room temperature.
Break the balls into pieces, then blitz them in a mixer.
We shall get a coarse grain flour .
Take a big sized sieve and sieve so that all the choorma is even sized.
Re blitz the big and uneven pieces and re sieve them.
Add sugar and ghee and mix the choorma.
This is the basic choorma. You can flavour it with cardamom powder.

To make rose flavoured choorma. Add a few drops of rose flavouring, red food colour and powdered dried rose petals.
For Khus flavoured choorma, add khus flavouring and green food colour.

For saffron flavoured choorma, crush the saffron strands, mix in some yellow food colour and add to the basic choorma.


Flavored Choorma for Holi

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