BM # 69
Week 1, Day 2
Theme : Kid’s Delight, Anniversary Party
Here in India lot of sweets are distributed for every small or big occasion. Ladoos are the most common sweets and with the latest trend we get a box which has either one or two big jumbo sized moti choor ladoos. The moti choor ladoos are made from gram flour, where a batter is made and then tiny dumplings are fried. These are then immersed in a sugar syrup, nuts are added and finally a Ladoo is made.These are full of dry fruits and are a treat byit self. Even though we all like these ladoos, I have observed that only half the Ladoo is consumed on the first day and after that no one eats.
Truly it is a shame to waste these so I finish it off by giving to the staff boys, and if there are two of these then I freeze one. This time I had a dinner and decided to use the ladoo for making a Kheer and it turned out absolutely amazing. I did not add any cardamon and nuts as the ladoo is overloaded with these.
Boondi ki Kheer


2  small moti choor ladoos
500 ml full fat milk.
1 tsp corn flour
2 tbsp cold milk
Sugar to taste
Chopped rose petals


Boil milk till 1/4 of it is reduced.
Add sugar.
Dissolve cornflour in cold milk.
Add the cornflour mixture gradually.
The milk will become thick.
Remove from heat.
Let the milk come to room temperature.
Crumble the ladoos , and add to the milk.
Remember to save some for garnish.
Mix the kheer and garnish with more boondi , nuts and rose petals.
I used 1/4 of the big jumbo moti choor ladoos that are distributed for Marwari weddings. The ladoo had loads of dry fruit, cardamon ,saffron and specks of red and orange boondi.

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Boondi Ki Kheer

Cuisine Indian Cuisine

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