BM # 18   Day 3
This is one recipe which was in my book marks since a few years.I wanted to make it in winters when we have those beautiful sweet red carrots, but I could not get the terrine mould .I forgot all about it.Yesterday when I was clearing the jumbo frig I saw grated carrots and grated pumpkin,I decided to use them for halwa. I had some left over khoya  in the freezer,I had got for the ICC post where we cooked a Bengali sweet Poush Parbon er Pati Shapta.(what a fascinating name !!)..anyway after I finished making the halwa it struck me to try the terrine made hubby dear run for gulab jamuns..and turned the terrine into a roll.

2 cups ………..carrots, grated
1 cup ………….pumpin , grated
1 cup…………. milk
1 cup…………. khoya
1tsp…………… cardamom pwd
1 cup…………..sugar
Few strands saffron
Ready made mini gulab jamuns
Put carrots and pumpin in a pan.
Add milk.
Let boil, simmer and cook till all milk has dried up.
Add khoya, sugar ,saffron and cardamom pwd.
Cook till it is all dried up and ghee starts coming out.
(we have not used ghee , but the fat from milk and khoya is the ghee I am talking about.)
If you have a terrine mould use it, but since I did not have I made a roll.This is how I did…
Place a cling film on a sushi mat .
Spread half the halwa.
Place the mini gulab jamuns in a row.
Cover the top and sides  with more halwa.
Sprinkle nuts on top and sides.
Carefully lift the film and try to make a roll with the help of the mat.
Twist the edges.
Make sure the roll is tight .
Place in the frig to set for at least 3-4 hours.
Remove  the cling film.
Cut into slices.
Serve chilled.
With the terrine mould you have to follow the same procedure.
Instead of the film you use the mould.
After removing from the fridge , demould. Garnish.

The original recipe  was made with only carrots ,but I am sure you could try with anything..bottle gourd , pumpkin, beet root or sooji halwa as the base and fill these jamuns inside…oh what an awsum dessert…Relish this till we meet again in another edition of the BM.

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I am sure that the kids and grown ups too would love this whatever season it might linking it to Srivalli’s Kid’s Delight at Pumpkin Farm and Jagruti’s Monsoon Of India.

Carrot and Pumpkin Terrine with Gulab Jamun

17 thoughts on “Carrot and Pumpkin Terrine with Gulab Jamun”

  1. My goodness that's some awesome looking picture Vaishali. your creativity never dulls..thanks for yet another wonderful collection of dishes..enjoyed all of them!

  2. you are going great places Vaishali…i just bounced off some ideas of making some fusion dishes with my dear hubby ….and look at this dish…cant wait to try and serve

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