Chatpati Chat Platter

Chatpati Chaat platter is a platter where a combination of different lip-smacking chaats has been put together.

Chaat, comes from the word chaatna, which literally means to lick. Chaats are normally eaten with hands and then we just lick our fingers! The chaats originated in Uttar Pradesh, India and now are globally popular. All the chaat khomchawalas or hawkers normally hail from Uttar Pradesh. They have spread all over the world and I doubt if there’s any place where you don’t get chaats.

Born and brought up in Delhi I have always loved Chaats, be it Golgappas, Kalmi Vadas or Dahi Bhallas, they all are my favourite. The savoury snack with tangy, spicy, sweet chutneys is irresistible.  Even as a kid when my pocket money was 25 paise, I spent 10 paise on Golgappas and 15 paise on papdi chat which I shared with my cousins. Are you all wondering which era I am talking about – well some five decades back, we could talk in paisas and now you can’t get a decent chaat plate for Rs 25! 

My today’s Chaat Platter was made for a friend’s get together. I have already blogged about most of the chaats, but this platter has the Chatpate Chole ki Chaat which is yet to be featured here.

Chatpati Chat Platter

Since I have been born and brought up in Delhi there are a few places that are my favourite and I would highly recommend them to all chaat lovers.

Prabhu Chaat Bhandar 

Nathu Sweets

Natraj Dahi Bhalla Wala

Hira Lal Chaat

Bittoo Tikki Wale

Prince Paan and Chaat

Chatpati Chaat Platter

Here is the menu for today’s tongue ticking chaats – 

Meethi Chutney
Hari Chutney
 Lassan ki Chutney
Ragda Pattice
Patti Samosas / Navtal ke Samose
Dahi Bhalla
Chatpati Chole ki Chat 

Chatpati Chaat Platter

Chatpati Chaat Platter is the third platter in the Platter series for The Thali and Platter Festival.

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Chatpati Chat Platter

Chatpati Chaat platter is a platter where a combination of different lip smacking chaats have been put together .
Course Snack, Tea Time
Cuisine Indian Cuisine



7 thoughts on “Chatpati Chaat Platter”

  1. Love the rustic setup. I was expecting one or two chaat platters from you and you didn’t disappoint me. 🙂 Wish I was there to dig in. It’s too much work when we have to start from scratch, especially now when our grocery shopping visits have cut down drastically and I can’t help but to stare. I know that I cannot cook that many dishes on a single day. 🙂

  2. This chat platter looks amazing Vaishali, seriously drooling over all the dishes. The whole setup reminds me of our Delhi street walk and how all of us were so excited. I think I have to blame you, after yesterday’s Bahubali platter you have set really too stand.hahaha..lovely platter Vaishali, my kids would love this as well.

  3. I really love your food styling, to me it’s always a visual delight when I come to your space. And when it’s yummy food like chaat, I am really drooling. I don’t know how you manage to make so much varieties Vaishali! Keep it up..

  4. Are there even paisas now? I remember 25 and 50 paisa but now it’s all in rupees naa. Last time when I came to India, I got super confused. Any ways that’s my kind of platter and I can happily have it for any meal.

  5. Wow 10 paisa for golgappas, …. But so true, last time when I went to India, the pain puri plates were like 50+ and not even one was good enough. Your chaat platter is simply amazing…I wanted to do a chaat platter too, but I was feeling like, not sure if I would be able to do…

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