Sindhi Breads are a variety of flatbreads that a Sindhi family cooks day to day. Here these have been served together to form a breakfast platter.

Sindhi’s are equally fond of their breads and rice. We have a large variety of both in our cuisine. When we talk of flatbreads the most popular is the Sindhi Fulko . I have already made a special post on this melt in the mouth roti or chapati as you might call. The Sindhi Fulko can be enjoyed with your daily curries and side dishes.

Sindhi Koki is another flatbread which is loved by our community. We have the basic Koki with salt and pepper, a Masala Koki, a Besani Koki, a Chawaran ji Koki. What are Koki’s ? These are flatbreads where the flour is shortened and the dough is formed. The koki’s are made with this dough, they are generously smeared with oil or ghee. Perhaps you can call these a thicker version of paratha.

Sindhi Breads

Talking of Parathas we have a number of typically Sindhi Parathas. Dal jo Fulko, Moongan jo Fulko, Gobhia jo Fulko ! The variety is enormous And I am yet to post many of these.


For today I have made a platter of Parathas and Cheelas. We call parathas as Fulko / Phulko and cheelas as Chilro ! The accompaniments to these Phulkos are curd or chutneys, while with chilro we normally serve ketchup. For today’s platter, I have three Phulkas –

Dal jo Phulko  is a stuffed paratha and is stuffed with yellow moong dal.

Moongan jo Phulko –This paratha is stuffed with whole moong beans.

Chehro Phulko is a basic paratha with salt and chilly. It could be red chillies or black pepper depending on the individual choice.


Next, I have two Chilras –

Besan jo Chilro is a chickpea flour cheela, with onions, tomatoes, green chillies and coriander. We also call it the vegetarian omelette!

Aatey jo Chilro is a wheat flour cheela or crepe. It has a unique flavour and normally enjoyed with ketchup.

Sindhi Breads

Accompaniments to these are not mandatory, but definitely enhance the meal, so I have served

Dharan ji Chutney ( coriander chutney )

Aamban jo Murabo ( mango chutney )

Boondi au Mehan jo Matho ( apple gourd and boondi raita )

Sindhi Aloo ( a total must for breakfast )

Ketchup ( store-bought )

Sindhi Breads

Well, we Sindhi’s do have some very interesting breakfast variations which are globally popular.

Dal Pakwan

Seyu Patata

Koki Aloo



And then some flatbreads which are made during the Thadri Festival 

Mitho Lolo

Besani Koki

Dal jo Phulko


Sindhi Breads

Today’s breakfast Platter is the fourth platter under The Thali and Platter Festival and for today I shall be sharing the recipe for Aatey jo Chilro.


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Sindhi Breads

Sindhi Breads are a variety of flatbreads that a Sindhi family cooks day to day . Here these have been served together to form a breakfast platter .
Course Breakfast
Cuisine Indian Cuisine


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7 thoughts on “Sindhi Breads”

  1. Wow so many to pick from Vaishali, this is a beautiful spread and I am sure I would love all of it! The wheat one is quite common in our household though we don’t make the besan wala that much..I would love to make these sometime!

  2. I tried your besan kokis sometime back and absolutely enjoyed it. We make the cheelas too but I haven’t tried these phulkos. Ever since I read about how thin they should be in one of your posts, I have been hesitant to try them since I am not sure whether I could nail them. However I am going to try at least one of these varieties. The whole spread makes a very filling lunch or dinners too.

  3. Wow! What an amazing spread. There is something for everyone. I am fond of all variations of rotis and cheelas. So this is a feast for me ! My folks are not too fond of dal stuffing in the parathas but I want to change the flavors and try again after a while 🙂

  4. A beautiful spread and well taken pictures Vaishali. I have to check out the recipes in detail later. I have tried a Koki recipe from your space before, this is my bookmark folder growing a little more longer :-))

  5. Wow interesting array of breads. I just know very little of Sindhi cuisine and I am loving this platter. Bookmarking this.

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