BM # 8   Day 6

The splendor of the Mughal Cuisine is reflected in it’s cuisine which is the richest in the country.It represents the cooking style used in Delhi,U.P, Punjab in the north and Hyderabad coming down to south.The rich food is spicy and fingerlicking.This was served in jade,silver or porcelain .Today I have chosen a daal from the Nawabi kitchen.

Daal-e-Maharaani,is a vegetarian version of Daal-e-Ghost.The original recipe demands meat being simmered with lentils till tenderized and mushy.The bawarchis left their curries on the coal and these curries and daals sat there all night simmering.This is what lended them the real rich taste.Here I have Daal-e- Mahaarani using the herbed paneer.

1 ½ cups whole black udad
Salt to taste
.3tbsp ghee
1tsp cumin seeds
2green chillies diognally cut
1 ½ inch ginger juelline cut

To make a paste…
1tbsp poppy seeds
4-5 dry red chillies
8 cloves garlic
1tsp cumin seed
I tomato roughly chopped
1tsp garam masala
½ tsp turmeric pwd
2tbsp curd
Herbed  paneer cut into cubes.

Boil the whole udad with salt and a pinch turmeric pwd.
Plz note…I do not soak the daal.keep it on slow fire till done.
This shall take at least an hour.Check.It should be mushy.
For the tempering just go in the order I have written the ingredients.
Ghee…cumin seeds…chillies..ginger….now the paste…saute’.
Tomato…garam masala..turmeric and finally curd.
After adding curd cook for a few minutes till the ghee floats up.
Add the tempering.
Cook on slow fire for another 10-15 minutes.
If you feel the daal is thick add some milk.
Add cubed paneer.
If you wish temper it again with ghee and cuminseed.
Garnish with fresh cream or malaai/green chilly/ginger /tomato or coriander.
Serve with tandoori parathas  or naans.

a new post for herbed paneer follows….
also one can use the plain regular paneer.


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