BM #8   Day 6
The Indian Cheese or the cottage cheese is prepared by boiling whole cream milk and adding lemon or vinegar to seperate the thick contents,when the milk cougulates the water is removed and the thick contents are placed under pressure to form a block.Paneer is full of calcium and protien,if consumed in a moderate quantity it even helps in loosing weight.
This is one versatile ingredient without which I find my menus incomplete.We do get the readymade paneer but if you get addicted to home made one you will never ever buy the ready one.Today I am sharing a special recipe which has been innovated by my hubby.Check it out!

1lt full fat milk
1cup curd
2tsp vinegar /lemon juice /citric acid
2tsp cumin seed
2 green chillies finely chopped
½ cup coriander and mint finely chopped

Boil milk.
Add cumin seed.
Add curd.
Add vinegar/lemon juice /citric acid.
When milk curdles add the chillies , greens ,salt.
Pour it on to a cotton cloth.
You can reserve the water,which can be used to knead the dough.
Tie a knot.
Put under pressure for 5mins.

Cut cubes.

The Herbed Paneer can be enjoyed  just as it is..with your drinks or as a healthy snack for kids,could be eaten while fasting too..,also use it for tikkas,pakoras or mix them with lentils…..
A change of herbs  and you get different flavors.
Peppery….with salt and  coarsely ground pepper.
Italian……..with basil and capsicums.
Mexican….with oregano and chilly flakes.
Go on experimenting and you get your own flavored paneer.

Herbed Paneer

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