BM # 72
Week 1, Day 1
Theme; Milk based Desserts


We begin with week 2 and this week I have chosen to cook Milk based Desserts. For the very first day I have a Kheer. I am very fond of Kheers and love to try different varieties of it. The traditional Kheer is a rice pudding, but broken wheat, vermecilli , sago also can be used to prepare these kheers. Thinking on different levels, fruits or Indian sweets too could be incorporated in these kheers. Nuts , raisins, cardamons are an important part of these.
Today I have made Dhan Ki Kheer. This Kheer is from Sikkim.while we were there on our holiday, the hotel chef gave me some unique recipes. After getting back I made a complete spread and this Kheer is a part of that spread.

Dhan is the local rice of this state. This rice is short grained and slightly plump. ( somehow I missed out on clicking the pic ). The rice is boiled in the milk and then cooked. At the time of boiling cardamon should be added to enhance the flavor. Sugar is added as per taste and towards the end. Nuts and raisins are optional.
Dhan ki Kheer

500 ml milk
2 tbsp Dhan
Sugar to taste
1/4tsp cardamon powder
Nuts and raisins

Place milk to boil.
Wash the Dhan just a few times to remove the impurities.
Add to the milk and let cook.
Cook till the rice is done.
Add cardamon powder and sugar.
This rice might get a little tough to cook, in that case just add more milk and adjust the consistency.
Serve garnished with nuts.
The Kheer can be served hot or cold.

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Dhan ki Kheer from Sikkim

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