BM # 61
Week :1 , Day: 1
Theme: Indian Mithai

This month we begin with the 61 st Blogging Marathon. I just can’t believe time runs that fast. It’s 5 years now since I have been blogging and these marathons are a part of my life. Besides these marathons, the blogging friends are a world to me. 
For this week I am doing Indian Mithais. Indian Mithais have such a wide array and its difficult to choose from them. All my friends know that I do not make ladoos and here you are …I have made ladoos. The Choorma ladoos are popular as a Rajasthani sweet , but these Choorma ladoos are typically Gujju ones. They are normally made on Holi, the festival of colors. These are served with a typical Gujju menu of Daal Bhaat Shaak.
The Rajasthani Choorma Ladoos have edible gum where as the Gujju ones are without them.. The garnish for these ladoos is poppy seeds , where as the Rajasthani ones there is no garnish. The gum changes the flavor to a great extend. I shall soon post those ladoos too.
Choorma ke ladoo


2 cups coarse wheat flour
1/2 cup semolina
1/4 +1/4 cup ghee
Ghee for frying
350 gms sugar, powdered
1/2 tsp Cardamon powder
Poppy seeds for garnish


Mix wheat flour and semolina.
Add 1/4 cup ghee and rub it , so as to resemble bread crumbs.
Adding milk gradually ,bind to a hard dough.
Cover and keep aside for 15 minutes.
Divide the dough into even sized balls and make rolls with your palms and fingers.
Deep fry these adjusting the flame from slow to medium.
Fry till golden.
Let cool.
Once they cool down break into smaller pieces and grind in a mixy.
Sieve the mix using a thick sieve.
Re grind the leftover pieces and sieve once again.
Add powdered sugar , 1/4 cup ghee ,cardamon powder.
Make balls from this mix.
Roll these into poppy seeds.

Gujrati Choorme ke Ladoo

15 thoughts on “Gujrati Choorme ke Ladoo”

  1. Wow seriously Vaishali?..that's a labour of love for sure!..We make laddos west right center, however ours are simple process. Its wonderful to know how these laddos are made and thanks for sharing on the difference…

    As you said time surely flies, though glad blogging has got us so many good friends..

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