BM # 32 Week 2
Theme: Street Food
Cooking with alphabets : “J”

Since I am from Delhi, somehow the street food of Delhi has always been a favorite. When I decided to post street food for the second week, the alphabet “J” immediately reminded of the cool refreshing drink Jal Jeera. Jal is water in Hindi language and Jeera is cumin , the name Jal Jeera is so apt for this drink, since it is cumin and mint flavored water.During summers one can see the jal jeera wallas in the markets.They have a cart with a big earthen pot which is covered with a red fabric.The mouth of the pot is encircled with mint leaves, just like a wreath.Lemons too are displayed along with the mint or at times, these lemons are kept aside in glasses. This refreshing drink is served with a long handled ladle and normally tiny bells are tied at the edge of the ladle.This is served in simple glasses , the vendor pours the drink and finally squeezes some lemon to make it tarty.

I remember as a kid I always used to have two glasses of this drink, but some how now to drink even one sip is difficult.The problem is all diseases start with water and it is actually not safe to drink this, unless your immune system is good or it is made in mineral water. Probably that is the reason that one can spot them only in specific markets. This drink is simple to make and home made drinks are always fresh, pleasing and safe.

2 tbsp roasted cumin seed

1 tbsp black salt

1 tbsp mango powder

2 tbsp mint leaves

1 tsp coriander leaves
2 tbsp lemon juice
600 ml water
Grind all the ingredients in a blender.
Add to the water, chill.
Strain the water after an hour.
Serve chilled with a lemon slice.

Here are some of pics of the Jal Jeera vendors of Delhi

Jal Jeera / Minty Lemon Drink

21 thoughts on “Jal Jeera / Minty Lemon Drink”

  1. Guess what Vaishali?This was on my first list and I did make it..But after I got a chinese recipe, I saved jal jeera for later.
    Love your pics and I always enjoy your street food pics…

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