BM # 56
Week :2 , Day: 3
Theme: Indian States
State : Rajasthan
City : Jodhpur

When we talk of Rajasthani food, we immediately connect with Daal Baati ,Choorma, but let me tell you there is much more to Rajasthani Cuisine than that. We have traveled to the major cities of Rajasthan and while on our trip to Jodhpur I discovered that they had special Jodhpuri dishes. This city is vibrant and people are very fond of eating.
On our trip to this city, we relished a Thali, and today’s Thali is on those lines. I will come back later at the end of this marathon to tell you more about this city and its specialties. Till then enjoy this meal. I had made this Thali a while back and have already posted some of the recipes. There are a few recipes which still need to come up so here you are , enjoy the complete Thali.

Here is the menu for Jodhpuri Thali


Rajasthani Kadhi

( yogurt and chick pea flour make a nice tangy curry with flavors of Rajasthan )



( steamed dumplings made of chick pea flour , simmered in a tangy yogurt gravy )
( a everyday comforting Daal )
( lady fingers stuffed with dry spices and chick pea flour )

( a side dish with green capsicum and boiled potatoes )

( Fenugreek seeds and a local berry cooked in pickled spices)
( a traditional Rajasthani dessert made with broken wheat . With the goodness of pure ghee , and a aroma of cardamoms )
( a unique rice preparation, with bread pieces, a specialty of Jodhpur )
( a flat bread made with fenugreek leaves and green chilly )
Saadi Roti

( regular chapati rolled thin , smeared with ghee)

Mirchi Vada
( a deep fried fritter with potatoes and chilly )
Hari Chutney

( a spicy condiment made with mint , coriander and green chilly )

Goondey ka Achaar

( berry pickle)


( a typical sweet from Jodhpur – store bought)

Tava Poodi

( besan chakki wrapped up with a thin maida covering -Store bought from Jodhpur )

Rajasthani Kadhi
Gatte ka Shaak
Moong Ki Daal
Rajasthani Bharwaan Bhindi
Rajasthani Shimla Aaloo
Methi Goonda Shaak
Methi Roti
Mirch Wada
The Jodhpuri Thali was very simple to prepare as most of the dishes feature in daily cuisine. 
There is not much to chop and this thali took me about 11/2 hours.
The Goonda Shaak, Hari Chutney were prepared a day in advance. 
The family is familiar with all the dishes , but in routine they are served individually. Serving all the dishes in a Thali is what everyone really enjoyed.

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Jodhpuri Thali

16 thoughts on “Jodhpuri Thali”

  1. Omg ! I have no words to say ,I am speechless.The thali looks marvelous .I can never this much efforts and still you are saying it took only 1 1/2 hours.You are a super woman.

  2. Thats mirchi vada is killing me.. Awesome spread again, you never failed to amazed us Vaishali..i dont mind going crazy after seeing all these wonderful dishes together in a plate.

  3. There is a Rajasthani restaurant in Bangalore which serves buffet and is quite popular for it's food and hospitality. And they have an elaborate spread though we have to shell out more money compared to other eateries and it is totally justified. 🙂
    Your food reminded theirs. Loving the series.

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