BM # 27   Day 16
Seasonal : Winter

Day 16 and we enter a new week, with a new theme..and this week its everything to do with seasons..Food and veggies relished in a particular season, due to it’s properties and availability.Though we do get just about everything through out the year, yet who likes to eat heavy stuff like parathas in summer? The charm of eating and drinking with a particular season is different.

I had another recipe planned for today, but decided to post Kaanji wadas as most of you had asked for it..luckily it fitted in the Seasonal slot. 

Kaanji is a delicious drink prepared with mustard powder.This is a Rajasthani dish, which is served on Holi and Diwali.Usually prepared in winters, as mustard is a food that produces heat in the body.This has to be prepared at least two days in advance to get that tangy flavor released from mustard. 

This has been one of my favorite drinks..or should I say eat and drink recipe!I remember as a school girl, I would specially go to the Old Delhi markets Nai Sarak in Chandni Chowk to eat these.As yet if you happen to go there you will find lot of street hawkers selling these.Once you finish eating that tangy wada, your next attack is on that spicy water.I would have bowls and bowls.They would serve these in pattals. 

2 tbsp yellow mustard 
1 tsp red chilly powder 
I tsp black salt 
Salt to taste 
Grind all to a fine powder and add to 2 litres water. 
Leave to ferment for at least a day.

2 ½ cups moong daal, soaked for 3`4 hours. 
1 tsp green chilly paste 
½ tsp fennel seeds 
½ tsp asafoetida 
Salt to taste 
Wash the soaked daal and leave it in the strainer, so it becomes dry. 
Coarsely grind it adding minimum water required. 
Add rest of the ingredients. 
These wadas can be made in two styles… 
Wet your hands, take about 2 tsps of the batter, making a flat circle, and then deep frying. 
Take a flat steel bowl, wet that, place the daal paste, flatten and deep fry. 
Drain on an absorbent tissue.soak in water for an hour, after which these should be transferred to the kaanji which has been made a day before. 
These immersed vadas, should be left for another day to ferment. 

Once these are done, place it in the refrigerator, should last about 2-3 days, depending on the weather conditions.

Kaanji Wadas

16 thoughts on “Kaanji Wadas”

  1. Can imagine the burst of flavors in this one. Thanks for sharing the recipe :-).

    And btw, Vaishali, the last picture (I believe its the logo) is not showing up in any of the posts. You might want to check it up.

  2. It is surprising Vaishali that living in delhi, i never heard of this. sound so so yummy! And pics ka kya kehna! The kaanji water is actually similar to the pickle water base we make for a small mango pickle

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