Maharashtrian Mix Platter

Maharashtrian Mix Platter is a platter where a set of some of our favourite and popular Maharashtrian dishes have been put together.

Maharashtrian cuisine has some traditional dishes which are globally popular. For this Mix Platter, I have selected some of them. The first one is Pav Bhaji. This is one street food which has gained popularity and is sold on streets as well as in restaurants. It is also home-cooked by almost all communities. This is basically a mash of a particular set of vegetables, which is highlighted with a special spice, the Pav bhaji masala and a chunk of butter! The Bhaji, which is like a thick gravy is prepared on a big flat griddle and is served with Pav, a soft bread which is toasted and slathered with butter.

The next dish that I have served here is Pitla. Pitla is a curry made with chickpea flour or besan as we call it. It is a traditional dish prepared in Maharashtrian homes and is normally served either with Jowar ki bakhri or Tandalachi Bakhri. I have served with Tandalachi / Rice Bakhri. Since I was serving rice roti, I decided to serve a side dish too. No meal is complete without accompaniments, so I have some Thecha and some onions!

The Mix platter has two snacks, which are made in Gujarat too. Aloo Wadi, which is also called Patra or Pathod. These are sweet and tangy spiral rolls made from colocasia leaves. Strange but I always thought these to be from Gujarat! The other snack in this platter is Matar ki Karanji. These are savoury pastries which are stuffed with fresh green peas and coconut. A sweet version of these is made in Gujarat called Ghughra. Interestingly Ghughra is popular as Gujia in Rajasthan


Isn’t it interesting to see that we have so many dishes which are quite similar, perhaps with a slight difference and a different name altogether? Anyways enjoy this platter which is my last platter in this series where we are posting Platters this week under the theme Thali and Platter Festival. For today I shall share the recipe for Matar ki Karanji.

Maharashtrian Mix Platter

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Maharashtrian Mix Platter

Course Lunch, Snack
Cuisine Indian Cuisine


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7 thoughts on “Maharashtrian Mix Platter”

  1. Very unique idea to make a platter like this Vaishali. I would love to make some of them myself..very nicely put together. I loved all your have put in so much efforts!..great job!

  2. I always wonder how these recipes came up in olden days where travel or info exchange wasn’t easy. Every state has some common recipes with regional variations, but the base recipe is the same. Anyway, the thali looks absolutely delicious and each and every dish in there is a treat!!

  3. Everything you have put out there is a delicious item and filling one on it’s own. Loved all your platters this week and I am still bowled over by your pakoda platter. 🙂

  4. Wow amazing platter this is. Liked the way you have added each and every dish in this. That matar karanji looks yum and delicious.

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