BM # 41   Week 3   Day 1

We begin with the third week of this marathon and I shall be making Summer Recipes. For Day 1 it is Orange Coffee. I made this coffee for my son and he loved it.He was with me in the kitchen while I prepared this and after drinking the coffee he said had he not seen me making it he would have never believed that this was home made. He felt I should open a coffee cafe.With one coffee recipe a coffee cafe..I just laughed out. Your children really know how to make you happy.

Orange Coffee
200 ml milk
2 tb sp orange crush
1 tbsp coffee
Sugar to taste
Crushed ice
Blend all the ingredients to get a nice frothy coffee.

Slice of orange
Coffee powder
2 tbsp orange crush

Take a tall glass and pour orange crush near the rim of the glass.
Rotate the glass so that the crush forms a pattern.
Place the glass in the deep freeze for 10-15 minutes.
Pour the prepared coffee in the glass and garnish.


Orange Coffee

13 thoughts on “Orange Coffee”

  1. Well not just one coffee recipe, I know you have so many up your think about opening a cafe, will be a great hit…and this glass looks super cool!

  2. delicious and so refreshing, loved the way you have presented it as well..i was wondering what it could be after reading the name, what i saw is completely unexpected and pleasantly surprising…i agree with tarun, you should open a cafe 🙂

  3. What an interesting combination for a drink Vaishali and the clicks are too tempting.
    Even my son says the same thing after tasting something he likes. I think we all can open 1 restaurant with our kid approved dishes 🙂

  4. I would love to finish that glass in a jiffy.. Orange and coffee makes an excellent combo in baking and this summer special orange coffee looks absolutely refreshing and fantabulous.

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