BM # 34 Week 4 Day 2
This time while I was in Delhi my cousin showed me a packet of ready to fry pooris..yes these are ready to fry Golgappa pooris. I was actually amazed and could not believe that something like this could be possible.I picked up that half used packet and got it here and decided to fry these pooris and serve them with ragda. After fring these pooris puffed up really well and were crisp like the store bought ones. on eating the poori by itself I could feel that a little rice flour had been added to it.I was not sure if they would taste as good after adding the accompaniments.I was to serve these with ragda.Now what is ragda..ragdas are white peas which are cooked with spices and used as a filling with in the pooris, these pooris are then dipped in spicy water . Coming to the taste of pooris, they tasted just like the regular pooris that we eat, and now I plan to keep a packet handy at home.

For today’s evening snack we have paani poori with ragda.This tastes awesome in winters when the pooris are filled with piping hot ragda and then with spicy water. I must tell you that after the vendor gives you the poori he gives some chopped onion on the side, this is then filled in the poori. I normally do not make this at home , love to eat it outside as somehow how ever hard I try I just do not get the water that spicy.but all you paani poori lovers if you have not had this combo of paani poori you guys have to try it , it is truly mind blowing. Since I am a paani poori fan I have some more versions, do check them …if you too are fond of this amazing street food.

I am not happy with the ragda pics but I shall redo them soon.

Ready packet or make them at home or store bought

Chopped onion

Spicy water for Poori’s
Large bunch mint
Bunch coriander
4-5 green chillies
Juice of a lemon
Black salt
Mix all into a fine paste .
Add water to get the right consistency.
This spicy water is normally made from a special mint..the mint is from Rajasthan and called Udaipur ka Pudina. The flavor and aroma of this mint is absolutely fantastic. The green chillies used for this are the small dark green ones, which are very spicy.The spice is one’s individual choice, but make sure to add lemon and salt to the mint before making a paste, else the color will be dark green.

100 gms white peas / vatana
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
12 tsp red chilly powder
Green chilly paste..for making it spicy( optional )
Salt to taste
Soak the peas for 3-4 hours.
Boil for 1 whistle with salt and turmeric.
Depending on the quality of peas they might or might not get cooked in one whistle. In case they do not cook simmer for a while till they are nice and soft.
Add the red chilly powder and coriander leaves.
The consistency has to be thick.
Normally the vendors have a big flat pan in which they keep these peas and a small gas stove to keep it hot.
The green chillies are used for spicing up the peas.

Serving Style
Tap the poori with your index finger, thus making a hole.
Add the piping hot ragdas.
Dip in the spicy water, filling the poori with it.
Add a little finely chopped onion.
Serve immediately.

If you like a little sweet in your paani poori add 1/4 tsp of sweet chutney before dipping the poori in water.

This is a combination of hot ragdas with chilled water and crunchy onions. At times the ragdas are so hot that I literally burn my mouth , but it sure is a treat.During our BM # 25 celebrations , we all ventured on these and I still remember everybody relishing these.

Paani Poori with Ragda

13 thoughts on “Paani Poori with Ragda”

  1. I am also a big paani poori fan! It is amazing how those pooris puffed up after frying. A pack of those pooris are indeed worth keeping handy at home.

  2. Awesome Vaishali..and knowing the chat scene in Delhi, it's no wonder they have all sorts of these ready on hand..those puris are looking amazing..and this combo reminds me of our rendezvous when we visited you..:)..can never forget those days!

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