BM # 8   Day 1
The first day of BM # 8,and I have picked up no stove cooking,Thanks to Valli for organizing these marathons where it is fun posting and reading different recipes on the same theme.To start with I have Pinwheel sandwiches.

These dainty pinwheel sandwiches are so colorful,attractive and healthy that not even a difficult kid would say no to them. Infact they would love to make them.These are great for kids parties ,as well tea parties.These can be prepared well in advance and one can choose and be let the imagination run wild with the stuffings.Here are two variations .There are no hard rules for the proportions ,you could vary them as per your taste and availablity.

Strawberry Grape stuffing (sweet)
Hung curd
Chopped black grapes and stawberries
Blend strawberries,sugar and  make a smooth paste.
Add the finely chopped fruit.
Capsicum and olive stuffing (savoury)
Hung curd
Finely chopped…tomato
Blend hung curd with cheese salt and oregano.
Add chopped veggies.
How to go about….
Trim crust from bread.
Using a rolling pin,flatten the bread slices.
Apply butter.
Apply the desired stuffing.
Roll up the bread.
Wrap each roll tightly in a cling film.
Refregerate for an hour.
Trim the shabby ends.
Cut into slices.

Pinwheel Sandwich

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