BM # 27   Day 24
Craft: Scrap Book
Today we have come to the final week of this marathon, and for this week we have slightly different theme.Crafts and Miscellaneous. I will try to work around with crafts related to food .

I am passionate about scrap booking, but due to lack of time have never been able to do justice to this art. For the 25 th BM Meet I wanted to do mini scrapbooks for all friends, but somehow I just could not get around doing these .It was just 20 days before the event when I finally got a jerk and got started  with these books.


It sure was a task to get 10 of these done within this short span , but well finally it was done .I wish I had more time to incorporate some of my crafting techniques .
This is a simple Recipe Book where my friends can put down some of their favorite recipes, some clippings can be put in pockets .Some important tips could be noted, conversions could be jotted down . May be they can attach some of the BM Meet pics. Well it is up to them as to how they use the book.
The book has simple pockets and has been adorned with downloaded slogans and cut outs. A little stamping and some blings highlight the book. I recycled my daughter’s discarded belt to get the rings to bind these books.
Hope you guys like the book and for the ones who have it, please use it and I hope to see the book full of recipes and pictures for The 50th Meet.
I packed the book in a dotted transparent paper, tied the edges with curling ribbons…it had a opening at the top, so the book could easily be removed and put back
The cover page
 First page

 starting with drinks and snacks , a mini booklet to write down the recipes

This page has quite a few tags..and recipes could be written, or one can put the clippings in the pockets
This page can have some pics of the meet!!
another pocket and tag!
 This page has been specially created to jot down the important conversions..which we normally forget!
a mini recipe!!
another mini book
 some pictures!!…this page reminds me of Pradnya….
cookie recipes?..cakes and pies!!
pockets for all those clippings we tear from magazines…
 a page for tips
back page
tags and mini books
 hand painted tag


some more tags!



Recipe Scrap Book

13 thoughts on “Recipe Scrap Book”

  1. Vaishali, I was waiting for you to post this to explain what I felt about it, I have a long email composed to tell you about, some snippets from it…

    One morning, i took out all the goodies from ahmedabad trip, to go through, and my eyes caught hold of this scrap book, each and every page, as I flipped felt like a treasure on its own, the minor details, the cute cuttings and the meticulous job of putting it together, would put an artist to shame, and all this done 10-5 times, not just once, you are simply gifted with skills that no one can match up. I am so grateful to be part of your known groups who gets to learn from your practically daily , your recipes and also such beautiful work of art, thank U. I am not going to use this recipe scrap book as I dont want to damage its beauty, will be keeping it with me forever

  2. Omg, beautiful work Vaishali,craft is not my cup of tea, but seriously with ur guidances and guidelines i would love to learn how to make scrap book,tremendous job you have done.

  3. I feel just Like Pradnya! !! I've not used it so far coz I'm scared of damaging it! I was showing out to My SIL yesterday and she went Wow your friend is so creative and patient! But now I'm planning to use it else all the effort will be wasted. You Rock Vaishali 🙂

  4. I loved your creation on the scrap book and was very sure that there will be a post on that. It is a treasure to be preserved Vaishali. thanks for the effort u put in to make that and explain it here. Love u so much for the creativity

  5. Pradnya , now that I have given you some ideas how to fill the book, please go ahead and use the book…it will still be a treasure. I have kept one copy for myself and waiting to fill it.I am so glad that you guys liked it..and thanks a surely was a pleasure working o it…..these words have made me so nostalgic…

  6. Vaishali, as Pradnya said and I am sure other BM 25th group would say, I am not going to even put a dot, least it gets spoiled..I loved the first moment I saw, pradnya said it so well..thank you so much for making it for us and it is so special!

  7. Vaishali using it will be damaging a work of art. I will rather preserve it to show my great grand children. 🙂
    Jokes apart I do not want to use it for I treasure the day I spent with you guys. For a person who has spent most of her life like a nomad, where friends and friendships are forgotten this is a priceless treasure. I am fortunate to have come to the meet, met you guys and know that I have friends , finally those whom i can depend on, someone with whom I share a passion that rest of the world cannot follow.


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