BM # 63
Day : 19
Theme: Regional Cuisine 
Cuisine : Sindhi

Today we are at the alphabet ‘S’ and I have Sayun ji Kheerni. This Kheer was introduced to me on my first Diwali after marriage. 

We had a standard Diwali dinner menu. Aloo Poori, with Sayun ji Kheerni. I have always liked elaborate meals on festivals, so this came as a shock to me. I was quiet but made sure that the following year we had a nice elaborate meal. Whatever the menu might be it was traditional to make this Kheer. This is one ritual followed in most Sindhi homes.

The Kheer is simple, made from thin vermicelli. The vermicelli is roasted in little ghee and then milk is added. We normally serve the kheer piping hot, though I prefer it chilled.

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Sayun ji Kheerni


1/2 cup Sayun / thin vermicelli
1/2 tsp ghee
500 ml milk
2 tbsp sugar
Pinch Cardamon powder
Roasted almonds and pistachios 


Heat ghee.
Add Sayun and roast till pink.
Add milk and let boil.
Add sugar and let the kheer cook on slow fame .
The vermecilli will cook fast , but wait for the milk to boil and reach the right kheer consistency.
Add Cardamon powder.
Remove in bowls and garnish with nuts.
Serve hot or chilled.

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S - Sayun ji Kheerni / Vermicelli Pudding

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