BM # 69
Week 2, Day 3
Theme : Coking with 4 Ingredients
This was the first time I was working with a theme where I was restricted with ingredients. while making kheers I add condensed milk, pedas, burfis, just about any thickening agent to make it more royal and rich. This time I added just sugar, as I was using sago and vermicelli along with milk. This was a total of four ingredients. Nuts and garnishing are always optional and are not considered in the main ingredients.
This was a kheer suggested by Padma and Valli. They both were generous to help me prepare a Andhra meal. The Thali shall be up sometime soon, as I need to do a proper elaborate post on it.For now let us enjoy this payasam. I have made a kheer with vermicelli but a combo of sago and vermecilli was new to me. Also I normally add almonds and pistachios to my kheers but here it is cashews and raisins. The nuts can really make a lot of difference.You can choose your options. Anyway lets get to the recipe.
Sago and Vermicelli Payasam


1 tsp ghee

1/4 cup vermicelli
1/4 cup sago
21/2 cups milk
3 tbsp sugar or to taste
A pinch of cardamon powder
Few strands saffron
Few cashews and raisins 


Wash and soak sago for 15-20 minutes, or till they swell up.

Pressure cook the sago and keep aside.
Heat oil, roast the cashews and raisins.Drain and  keep aside.
In the same ghee roast the vermicelli till pink.
Add milk.
Let the milk boil for 2-4 minutes.
Drain the cooked sago and add to the boiling milk.
Add sugar and cardamon powder and cook further till you get the desired consistency.

The kheer becomes thick after cooling, so make sure you keep the consistency a little runny.

Pour into bowls and garnish with cashews, raisins and saffron.
Serve chilled or hot, though I always serve the kheers chilled.
This week I shared three regional kheers.
Andhra Sago and Vermicelli Paysam

Sago and Vermicelli Payasam

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