BM # 69
Week 3, Day 1
Theme : Cooking with 4 Ingredients
We are into the third week of BM # 69, and this week I shall be cooking with 4 ingredients.This is the first time I am doing such a theme and found it rather interesting. I chose to make some more kheers. For the past two weeks I have been posting Kheers.
Coming to today’s kheer, it is a Sago Kheer. With my mind blocks I had never made or had a sago kheer. It was on my Japan trip that my daughter’s friend invited us for tea and made the Sago Kheer. The situation was such that I could not refuse and I had my first Sago Kheer. It was out of the world and I asked for a second helping. I immediately jotted down the recipe and here I am with a delicious Sago Kheer.
The sago kheer has just four ingredients Sago, milk, sugar and cardamon. Let’s check the recipe.
Sago Kheer


1/4 cup sago/ sabudana / tapioca pearls
3 cups milk
1/4 cup sugar or to taste
1/4 tsp Cardamon powder
Nuts of choice
Saffron strands


Wash the sabudana under running tap water until the water is clear.
Soak for 2 hours, make sure the water is enough, these will swell up and become almost double.
Put milk to boil in a heavy bottomed pan.
Simmer the flame and let milk cook for 5-7 minutes.
Make sure to stir the milk in between.
Drain the water from the pearls and add these to the simmering milk.
Let cook till the pearls are transparent and cooked.
Add sugar and cook for another minute or two.
Check the consistency of the kheer, it should be thin as sabudana will absorb the milk after cooling.
Let cool . Garnish with your favorite nuts and saffron.
I always chill the kheers, but you can enjoy it hot too.

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Sago Kheer

11 thoughts on “Sago Kheer”

  1. Beautifully presented. This is the most traditional one and a standard kheer in our homes until a couple of generations ago when ready made vermicelli was not available.

  2. Aww my favorite kheer. I usually make this every ekadasi for my fasting. this will keep you full and you don't feel like eating for long time. good for health too. but surprisingly you never had it before!!!

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