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I have already written about the Gujrati cuisine yesterday.Today I shall write about  another Gujrati thaali.This is a seasonal Thaali which can be relished in summers when the Mangoes are in full swing.


This is a personal favorite of mine .The mango curry is unique ,its got that mango flavor which is very very pleasant ,a little sweet  with just the right heat of chilly.Tempered with pure ghee and curry leaves its aroma is mind blowing.This is absolutely light food just right for summers when one hates to work for long hours in the kitchen.Also light on the stomach due to mild spices .
For this seasonal Thaali the menu is always fixed
(Rice and lentil steamed cakes garnished with either red chilly or black pepper)
Curries / Side dishes
Fajeto (mango curry)
(A aromatic curry which is a blend of mango pulp, yogurt and gram flour)
Mag ni chutti daal( yellow moong daal)

(Each grain of this yellow daal stands out with a wonderful flavor of asafetida )

Tindoda nu shaak

(Simple comforting ivy gaurd)

Keri nu ras
( Sweetened mango pulp )

(Boiled rice with a dollop of ghee)

Be pad ne rotli 
(layered chapati,amazingly thin smeered with ghee…without any blisters)


(Cucumber..pickled with musturd pwd and lemon )
Keri goonda nu athaadu
(Mango and gum berry pickle)
(Rice flour papads)
(Dhana ne daal)

Check the recipes

Tindoda nu shaak
250 gms………. tindoda ,washed and sliced finely
2tsp……………. oil
Pinch hing
Salt to taste
¼ tsp………….. turmeric pwd
¼ tsp………….. red chilly pwd
½ tsp………….. coriander pwd
Heat oil in a pan.
Add hing.
Add tindodoas salt and turmeric.Saute’.
Add ¼ cup water and cover the pan.
Cook on slow fire till done,stirring once or twice in between .
If the water dries up add some if the tindodas are not cooked.
Add the rest of the spices and cook for 3-4 minutes on slow fire till the masalas are absorbed.
Saute’ on full flame for a minute or two.
Mag ni Chutti Daal
Mag ni chutti daal
1 cup………….. yellow moong daal washed and soaked for 2hrs
1tbsp………….. ghee
Pinch hing
½ tsp………….. red chilly pwd
¼ tsp………….. turmeric pwd
¼ tsp…………. dhania jeera pwd
Salt to taste
Heat a pan.
Add ghee.
Add hing
Add all the spices and immediately add the drained daal.
Add just enough water for the daal to cook.
Cook on full flame for one boil then simmer.
Make sure the each grain of the daal is seperate.
Do not stir ,if at all you do be gentle.
Cook without covering till the water is absorbed and the daal is cooked,if you feel the daal is not cooked and the water is over then add little water.
Garnish with coriander .
Be’ pad ne Rotli
The Gujjus always eat roti  and shaak first and then complete their meal with daal this thaali they put the chutti moong daal on rice and pour the curry on top ,all these make up one combination and since the ras is sweet no other sweet is served. The ras is served chilled with ghee and sonth.The sonth is added to avoid gas.The farsan served here is Edada also known as safed dhokla.these dhoklas are dipped in ras and gujjus go ga ga over them ,though personally I have never tried and the idea does not appeal to me.To tell you a little about the ba’ pad ki roti.these are paper thin chapatis ,smeared in ghee.
Keri Gunda nu Aathanu / kakdi  nu salad

The accompaniments are cucumber salad made with musturd pwd.The pickle to go with this is Keri Gunda nu Aathanu..Keri being raw Mango and Gunda is Gum berry…which is available only for a short time in summers.The masala used for this is the famous Methia Masala.

No drinks are served with this thaali ..Ras is relished as a sweet as well as a drink..This is so delicious that normally 2-3 katoris have to be served per person.Calories?…well …..The summer heat and chilled just dont think of  anything and enjoy this lovely meal.
Capsicum Bataka nu Shaak

 Edada / White Dhokla
I should not miss out on the Kheechu papad which is made of rice and the Mukwaas which is Dhanna ne daal.

Traditionally the food is served in copper Thaalis ,with a betel leaf on which pickle is placed.
Preperation of the Thaali
The tindos were chopped , potatoes boiled ,one day in advance.The dhokla batter was made  a day before and placed in the frig.The mango pulp was readymade since the right variety of mangoes have still not hit the market The whole meal was cooked in less than an hour.
Special thanks to my dear friend Anaar who made these rotis for me and lended me this traditional thaali.
This Thaali goes to Valli’s Thaali Mela


Seasonal Gujrati Thaali

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  1. OMG !!! I am salivating here. It is lunch time and I so badly want that thali. You are tempting me to go to my favorite Gujarati restaurant "Rajdhani" where they do all you eat buffet (but with you nicely sitting on the table and them coming and serving whatever you need, cool right). Beautiful pics.

  2. I have no more words to praise your thaali …I need to reserve some for other bloggers too…as a matter of fact I don't know how to praise it, I'm at loss of words. Such a festive thaali, I can feast on it anytime. You are rocking girl….keep the momentum up!!!

  3. I am totally without any words to say anything!..that thali is so so wonderful awesome presentation and you have really made my day!..thank you

  4. Love u dear for sharing such wonderful recipes. The pics are just amazing and superb……..U just made my day… Complete thalis are what excite me the most…. The cliks are really superb, just feel to dink in right now… 😀

  5. Thanks a ton … so glad that u all are enjoying the thaalis..
    @Jayashree the white dhoklas / Edada are on the blog.check out!!…and someone asked me how many pieces you would get from this recipe..from three cups you get about 4thaalis..and each thaali would have 20 pieces.Three people can eat from one dhokla thaali.Hope I am clear.

  6. Wow!I am speechless.Such an exquisite platter.The next time we meet this is what I would like to have.Your description of the Mango curry is making me drool.

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