BM # 64
Week :2, Day : 3
Theme: Brunch ideas for Kids
Our family is a great fan of Dhoklas and I keep trying different version of these steamed cakes. Yes this is my post for Day 3 under Brunch Ideas.Since the Dhoklas have rice and dal both I wanted to make them healthier, so added some greens and peanuts, this gave them added nutrition and of course a beautiful color combination. When ever I cook i remember my moms words, she always says the food should always have a good color combination, it makes it very pleasing.even a menu should be planned in such a manner that the table should have all colors , that will automatically make it a balanced meal. Anyway let’s come to these Dhoklas.
Spinach and Peanut Dhokla


2 cups rice
1 cup mixed lentils
( Bengal gram . Pigeon pea, split black gram )
1/4 cup curd
1 tsp chilly ginger garlic paste
Pinch turmeric
2 tbsp oil
Salt to taste
1 sachet ENO
11/2 cups spinach, chopped and slightly wilted
1/2 cup roasted peanuts, coarsely ground


Wash and soak rice and lentils overnight.
Grind them to a fine paste.
Add curd and leave to ferment for 3-5 hours , depending on the temperature.
Add turmeric, chilly ginger garlic paste, oil and salt to taste,
Mix well.
Heat a steamer with enough water.
Grease a tray and place it in the steamer.
Add ENO and quickly mix the batter,
Por immediately in the tray.
Close the lid and steam for 7-8 minutes.
Open the lid spread a layer of spinach and another layer of peanuts.
Sprinkle salt and Chaat masala.
Cover the lid and steam for another 5-7 minutes
Remove the tray from steamer, let cool slightly.
Cut into pieces .
Temper with mustard and sesame seeds.
The spinach can be used raw also, it shall cook since we are steaming again. It really doesn’t require much time.
The peanuts become slightly soggy and taste a little like boiled peanuts, you could add these at the time of serving if you prefer that crunch.
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Spinach and Peanut Dhokla / Spinach and Peanut steamed Lentil Cakes

9 thoughts on “Spinach and Peanut Dhokla / Spinach and Peanut steamed Lentil Cakes”

  1. Those Dhoklas look seriously sinful Vaishali..I am sure I will enjoy my brunch with these slices!..enjoyed your brunch dishes…great options..

  2. Yummy and colorful looking dhoklas Vaishali. Peanuts must add nice crunch to these. That is an awesome tip from your mom — I'll keep that in mind when planning a dish or a menu 🙂

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